Yours for the taking (13+)

Izzy is finding life hard, a struggling girl with an abusive father. All she wants is to escape the pain. But what happens when Izzy leaves her hometown, to live in London? Will she finally meet her idols; one direction? And if so, who will she fall in love with? And what are the consequences?......


4. Sorry means nothing

Yes! Saved by the bell. Well, partly, as now I have to go home to...... dad......... I quickly packed up my stuff, however before i could exit the room, Arthur pulled me close to him; "See you later, babey." He whispered, his warm breath hitting my cheek. My whole face flushed tomato red. I ran out, utterly embarrassed. What was Arthur planning now?
IZZY'S POV;; I spotted Emily's blonde hair through the crowd of people,  "Hey Em!" I shouted.  "Hey babe I cant believe your with Arthur! Im so sorry about it. If he even dares try anything, I swear, I will kill him!" Em exclaimed, whilst giving me her special bone crushing hug. I lightly chuckled. "Its okay babe, im just worried about what he's planning, he gave me some weird looks. I'd better go, i need to make Dad his food or he'll.....yeahhhh :/" i quickly gave her a hug, then sped off home to Dad..... I quietly oened the door, i didn't want to wake Dad, he is an alcoholic, so if he is woken up, he would literally strangle me. I tiptoed up the cold wooden stairs, each creaking loudly, almost as if they wanted to wake Dad up. After dumping my bag in my bedroom, I crept downstairs.  Dad hates it if i don't prepare his food. Right then. I grabbed 4 bottles of beer, 2 sandwiches and some water.  I heard a sudden bang. Oh shit! That means he is in a bad mood. ------Warning, if you can't handle abuse or self-harm, please skip to the A/N------ He came stomping down the stairs. "Where's my food slut?" he bellowed. "Here", i whispered, in a squeaky mouse voice. The door opened. His massive figure barely fit through the door frame. I hate him so much. My mother was beaten by him every day, but she was to scared to tell anybody. Being the selfish me, i thought it would help if i told y teacher. That made things a hundred times worse. She got the police involved, and my Dad was furious. He forced mum to pretend we were okay, and that I made up lies all the time, but when they left, he beat her, raped her, then stabbed her. Yes, my own father killed my mother. He is a vile person, who doesn't deserve to live. He blames ME everyday dor her death, and sometimes, i believe it. If only I didn't tell my teacher, my mum could have protected me now. The first time he 'touched' me, i was 9. NINE YEARS OLD.  I had no idea what he was doing, i kept begging him to stop, and that it hurt so much, but, he always ignored me. No child should have to go through with that. He would do it to me everyday before school, so i was always late, tears falling down my face, messy hair, my whole body covered with bruises.  Nobody cared. They would laugh, and make fun of me. The only friend I had was Arthur, but he was enough. He was always there for me, and would never judge me.     "Where's my damn food?" Dad shouted, bringing me back to reality. "Here Father", I said, handing over the tray. "WHERE THE HELL ARE MY PAINKILLERS?! YOU FORGOT THEM YOU USELESS SLUT!" YOU COULDN'T EVEN KILL YOURSELF. PATHETIC!" He punched my stomach, and I fell to the ground. "Take that bitch!. He slammed my face with the tray, the glass of water shattering on my stomach.  "AHHHHHH!!!" I screamed, the pain unbearable.  :You are worthless, go and die, just like your mother who YOU murdered!"\ He walked off, probably to go and drink more. I sat there crying, why me? I had never done anything wrong, but yet I am severely bullied by my ex-bestfriend, and abused my own father. I ran upstairs, and grabbed my razor from the box hidden under my bed. I lifted up my sleeve, trying to find a clear space. There wasn't one. I lifted up my jeans, legs would be fine right? I didn't really care, as long as it got rid of the pain, and the suffering, even for a moment. I pressed the cool blade against my rough skin. "I am ugly,  I am pathetic, I am stupid, I killed my mother, I deserve this" I chanted, drumming it into my brain. Suddenly, my leg became numb, as the warm blood trickled down my leg, the pain slowly fading away. I had escaped, for  while at least. I closed my eyes. Then passed out.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A/N;; Woah. I cried so much at this chapter :"( It's so horrible, but this actually happens to people. Please, tell somebody about it, even a teacher, a friend, a counseller, they will listen. There is always another way. I'm will always be here for anybody who feels this way, if you need me just kik me;; MiaFogwilliaandharry, about anything,even this movella and i will listen:) Moving on,, wow guys! I'm super happy! Not only did i get 4 likes, like i asked to, but I got 9 favourites! I am literally so happy right now! Maybe...... if you guys could, i would love to get maybe 11 favourites? 7 likes? Maybe some more comments as well, even the "update please" ones make me smile. Still looking for a co-author, and could somebody maybe make a trailer? you can send it to my kik, or follow me on twitter @mia_ilyharry and message me:) Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I will write another few chapters now, then hopefully update tomorrow, if i have enough time.  Love you all, hope you have a great few days, Mia <3 
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