Yours for the taking (13+)

Izzy is finding life hard, a struggling girl with an abusive father. All she wants is to escape the pain. But what happens when Izzy leaves her hometown, to live in London? Will she finally meet her idols; one direction? And if so, who will she fall in love with? And what are the consequences?......


2. School;

Izzy's POV:

'Beep beep, beep beep'

Erghhhh I dont want to get up. asdfghjkl. Maybe just a few more seconds.

1 hour later

"SHIT! I'm late!!" I quickly jumped out of bed, rushing to the bathroom. After applying some loose powder and lipgloss, I got dressed into my grotesque uniform, grabbed my bag and ran.

I sped to the corner of the street where I usually met Emily, but she wasn't there. "I guess i'll just have to walk alone then" I shouted. Literally everybody on the street turned to me, i must have looked like such a creep. Oh well:) 

After arriving at school, and being kicked over by the school bully, Arthur James (see what I did there?;) I'm just too funny:P) I finally got into class. our teacher; Miss Redford, gave me a detention, and sent me to the back of the class. 

"Right, boys and girls, today you will pair up, to work on a project together" Miss Redford said.

Right that second, me and Emily looked at each other, they way you do to your friend when you want to work with them;)

"But...... i have chosen the pairs" Miss Redford said smugly. THAT B**CH!

Then she began reading out the list....

"Elizabeth and Beth,

Tom and Leo,

Daniel and Olivia,

Emily and Bill,

Arthur and Izzy"


No way am I going with that bully! He makes me feel like dirt, and he hates my guts, for no reason!

"No way Miss, please!!!" I begged, but it was no use.

"You will be working on a project on a good aspect of your partner. This means you will have to get to know them very well."

I wanted to punch the growing smirk on Arthur's face. No, i am not at all violent, but he gets me so ANNOYED >:(

"Well, well, well. It looks like we're stuck together, eh Izzy?;)" Arthur whispered.




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