Yours for the taking (13+)

Izzy is finding life hard, a struggling girl with an abusive father. All she wants is to escape the pain. But what happens when Izzy leaves her hometown, to live in London? Will she finally meet her idols; one direction? And if so, who will she fall in love with? And what are the consequences?......


3. Flashback

"You will be working on a project on a good aspect of your partner. This means you will have to get to know them very well."

I wanted to punch the growing smirk on Arthur's face. No, i am not at all violent, but he gets me so ANNOYED >:(

"Well, well, well. It looks like we're stuck together, eh Izzy?;)" Arthur whispered.


IZZY'S POV;;Oh God, what am I going to do? Arthur is such a disgusting person. I have never even done anything wrong to him? The reason that he focuses on me is because we used to be best friends. Yes, me and Arthur, friends. But that was such a long time ago.....

Flashback 3 years

I didn't know how to tell Arthur that i loved him. I had slowly developed a crush on him, he has been my best friend for over 10 years! I suppose it was bound to happen. His smile could brighten up anybodies day, it was irresistible, always cheeky.

Right, here goes nothing. "Arthur, I need to talk to you about something really important" I nervously whispered.

He didn't turn around. "Arthur, babe what's wrong?" i asked, worry showing in my voice.

He finally turned around, tears brimming in his once shinning blue eyes.

"No. We can't be friends anymore Izzy. You are a bad influence on me, i don't even like you", he whispered.

In that split second, my heart broke, shattering into a billion pieces. I was broken.

"Arthur!!How could you? What did i ever do to you?I was about to tell you i loved you. Now you have completely thrown my heart away, you have crushed me." I screamed, tears falling down my face.

"Get away from me you slut. I never want to see your ugly face again. EVER." He shouted.

He gave me one last look, anger and hate showing in his beautiful eyes.

How could he do this to me? I need him, he knows that! I only just told him about my abusive father, why now? I was hurt enough, and now for my best friend to leave me, it was the last straw. There was no point in living.

Flashback over

And thats when I first tried to commit suicide. Yeah, it was that bad. I don't really want to explain how tried to end my suffering, but I woke up in hospital the next day, broken.

"CLASS!" Miss Redford shouted. I woke back up out of my flashback, then. Arthur was sat next to me now, a devilish smirk on his cute face. Wait did i just say that??? No. I cannot fall for him again. 

"You will start your project now, and it will be due in two weeks on the 20th."

Two weeks? That's nothing! I have 14 days to find a good aspect of HIM. Impossible. Everybody knows there is nothing but pure hatred left in him. It's a surprise he has his " Homie Gangy" Yeah, cheesy I know. They are all dumb, as the non imaginative name suggests, especially Arthurs right hand man (or best friend as normal people say) Bill. But all of the gang laugh and cheer when he beats me up, when he's not in, they wolf whistle and call me 'Baby' and 'My hoe'. Seriously? Boys.....


Yes! Saved by the bell. Well, partly, as now I have to go home to...... dad.........

I quickly packed up my stuff, however before i could exit the room, Arthur pulled me close to him;

"See you later, babey." He whispered, his warm breath hitting my cheek.

My whole face flushed tomato red.

I ran out, utterly embarrassed. What was Arthur planning now?






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I'm not really a big fan of setting goals, but if you guys could help me get maybe 5 favourites and 4 likes? Maybe even a few more comments?That would be AMAZING! I promise 1D will come in soon, this is just the basic outline of Izzy's life. What do you guys want to happen next? And if anybody would like to be a co-author, just comment and I will check you out. I'm hoping to write the next two chapters today and publish them tomorrow, what do you guys want? Love you all, and don't forget to comment all your thoughts, and any advice on my writing would be great. Thankyou all, have a great few days, can't wait to see what you guys think.

Love Mia <3 

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