Red as a Rose

When I need someone the most, When I am alone and lost, he is there for me. He came out of no where, in my darkest hour. I just have one thing to say to you. Niall Horan, will you be my Valentine?


2. Red as a Rose

I run as far as my legs can carry me. I don’t stop, I can’t! I have been hurt to many times. Finally I do stop, deeming myself far enough away so that I will not be found.

I find a good bench, hidden away in the shadows. As I sit down I can feel the tears finally coming, and without much warning I begin to cry hysterically.

I am left alone to the dead of night, the only sounds are, my uncontrollable breathe and my own thoughts swirling around in my head.

I am everything that my name says I am, Rose. Delicate to look at, with its beauty, but as you get close, thrones brick you, making you bleed and leaving you hurt, and as you leave the flower on the ground in the cold, it shrivels up, and dies, the beautiful red turning to a horrid black.

What once represented love turns into a symbol of death, as the dark peddles fall one by one.

Still with tears streaming down my face, I shift on the bench so that I am now lying down. As I drift off to sleep I can't help but think that there is no one left in this world that can love me, that I am incapable of be loved.

The sounds of chirping birds humming a beautiful good morning song is what makes me emerge from my deep sleep, filled with nightmares.

As I sit up, rubbing my hands together to gather some warmth in this cold February air, I hear distant laughter.

I envy people who can laugh with such ease, who are happy, spreading their happiness to others around them, excluding me.

I am like a plague, hurting those around me, unable to be cured. That is why I distance myself from other, so I don’t hurt them. Instead I am left to myself praying for the day that this torture ends.

I am snapped out of my thoughts as the distant laughter comes closer, and finally a voice speaks up.

“Hey are you alright?”

I don’t look up to see who said that, instead I just nod my head hoping they will go away.

“Are you sure, I mean you don’t look so good.”

I am sure I look like I have been sleeping on a park bench, with make-up streaks flowing down my face from dry tears, and my golden brown hair knotted most likely forming a halo around my puff face with blood shot red eyes.

“Yes, I am fine.” I manage to crock out, not sounding at all fine. Just then a wave of memories flood over me, causing me to break down crying again.

I hear a couple pairs of feet marching closer to me, and suddenly I am held tight in unknown arms, hugged to their chest.

Without meaning to I clench my fists in his shirt staining it to a darker shade. I hear him hushing me as I try and compose myself in front of this stranger.

Taking me by surprise I hear a soft angelic voice starting to sing,

White lips, pale face; Breathing in snowflakes; Burnt lungs, sour taste; Light's gone, day's end; Struggling to pay rent; Long nights, strange men; And they say; She's in the Class A Team; Stuck in her daydream; Been this way since 18; But lately her face seems; Slowly sinking, wasting; Crumbling like pastries; And they scream; The worst things in life come free to us; Cause we're just under the upper hand; And go mad for a couple of grams; And she don't want to go outside tonight; And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland; Or sells love to another man; It's too cold outside; For angels to fly; Angels to fly; To fly, fly; Or angels to die

By the end of the song I feel myself calming down, tears drying, breath becoming even. I take one last breath, and with a heavy exhale I look up to the stranger who just sang to me.

He has hair that is brown at his scalp, but turning blond as it approaches his quiff that is perfectly styled. I can feel his toned muscles tense around me. But above all feature, it is his piercing blue eyes is what captures my attention the most.

Staring into them is like gazing out at a beautiful lake, never ending, calming, and so clear. They sparkle with everything they glance at. You can definitely see his love for life and behind his serious expression; I know is a bright smile that can light up the world.

“Hi, I am Niall.” He says and just as I thought, his white smile that shown, could make a person melt, and it was directed at me.

“I’m Rose.” I answer back. I feel a week smile grow on my face. A smile is a rare thing that is almost never found on my expression, ever since I watched my parents give their own lives, so that I can live mine.

“These are my friends, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn.” He says pointing to each boy standing behind us. I didn’t even notice them until they were pointed out.

Again I give them a weak smile, and am returned with multiple smiles, reaching their ears. “Hello” the four boys say in unison.

“I was wondering if you would want to come back to our flat, get warm, maybe watch a movie.” Niall says, looking at me hopefully.

A war goes on inside of me, my head saying ‘No, you will only hurt him, like you do everyone else. He will hurt you in return.  Why would he be any different?’ then I hear my heart saying ‘He comforted you when you were alone, he seems nice and honest, and maybe he is the last person on Earth who can love you. Give him a chance, give love one last chance.’

For a moment I am staring into his eyes, being cast into a spell. I feel like I am invading him, but then again, he is looking into my golden brown eyes, that almost match my hair.

Still without an answer, Niall stands to his feet in front of me, and holds out his hand for me to take.

I hesitate before I place my hand in his. The moment I do, a tingling sensation goes through my body, and I find myself having goose bumps with just his touch.

 I am pulled to my feet and led to a very nice car. I sheepishly hop in the back and before I know it, we drive away and I am pulled into a large beautiful house.

“You live here?” I ask curiously.  It was magnificent! They seemed to notice my awed expression because they all laughed as I marveled at the house, causing me to giggle.

I can’t remember the last time I giggled or laughed naturally. It felt nice, like cold hard stones that once rested on my chest are being lifted away.

I know that this feeling isn’t just from the laughter, but also being with these sweet boys.

Niall led me up a flight of stairs and into a large room. “Here you go.” He says as he hands me a pair of sweat pants and a large T-shirt to replace my dirty, tattered clothing. “You can make yourself at home.” He says smiling at me.

“I can’t thank you enough” I say look up to him. Taking a few steps toward me until we are chest to chest he says “Don’t worry about it, I am glad I can bring a smile to your beautiful face” he says and I can’t help but lean into him.

Cupping my cheeks with his hands, Niall closes his eyes, leaning toward me as I do the same. Within moments his lips connect with mine.

Have you ever been underwater holding your breath as long as you can, and you feel like your chest about to explode? Then the moment comes when you break the surface of the water and feed hungry lungs. That sense of relief that floods over your whole body.  

Or when your body is being held down by some sort of weight, and you are unable to free yourself. Then finally someone comes to your rescue releasing the pressure off your body.

That is the feeling I am experiencing.  Niall set me free from that sorrow, and darkness, and he lifted me up, bringing me a sense of peace, the moments his lips met mine. He becomes the air that I breathe, my rescuer.

I mold into him, as fireworks explode all around us. Once I finally break away from the kiss that seemed to make me come alive, Niall smiles down at me, before leaving the room without another word leaving me to get changed.

Once I do get changed, I give myself a moment alone. I can feel that when I walk down those stairs my life will never be the same.

Whether it is good or bad, I don’t care, right now I am just going to embrace it. Smiling I feel another shift in my life.

I look at my reflection in a mirror held against the door. I see my parents standing behind me, smiling at me.

I feel a cold tear roll down my check, but I still smile. They may have left this Earth, but they will live with me and in my heart until the day I die.

Before today I looked at their loss as God punishing me for something, but know I realize that in its own way, it was a blessing.

Otherwise I would have never meet Niall, or the other four boys I only just meet. I finally feel like everything is right and that I am where I belong.

I walk out of the room, leaving every sad, mournful emotion I have in that room and hope I never look back. I gallop down the stairs and find boys sitting on the couches about to start a movie.

The moment they see me all the boys smile, showing off white teeth and adorable dimples on Harry.

I return their smiles and find a seat next to Niall. The moment I sit down, his arm wraps an arm around me, and I snuggle up to his chest.

We end up watching a cartoon movie, about a little fish that gets kidnapped and put in a fish tank. His dad, who was scared of leaving his house, swims across the ocean to find him, and bring him home.

It was a cute movie and I loved it, but really I am just happy to be at Niall’s side.

“Hey do you see the time?” Niall whispers in my ear, making me shiver head to toe. I find the nearest clock to see that it was 12:06 bringing this day to an end, and the start of a new.

I nod. What is today? I try to think about when I ran away from my old house, that was two days ago, so that makes today February 14.

It is Valentine’s Day! I look up to Niall with a smile, to see that he is already showing off his white, straight teeth.

“Would you do the honor of being my valentine?” He asks, whispering into my ear again, making goose bumps rise on the back of my neck.

Instead of answering I grab the back of his neck, bring his soft lips to mine. The boys around us have fallen asleep as Niall and I snogg on the couch, in our own worlds.

I smile as I pull away from the kiss and say “I would love to.”

He smiles widely before leaning in for another kiss, which quickly becomes heated. Together we stand from the couch, and Niall leads me back to his room, and I have the most amazing night in my whole existence.

-4 years later-

I look into his eyes, feeling the stares of our loved ones around us, waiting to hear those two words come out of his mouth, in that beautiful angelic voice I heard the day we meet four years ago.

“I do.” He says as we wait for the preacher to finally say “With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

We smile at each other as we officially become married, sealing it with a kiss. Applause breaks out around us as well as cheers and the sound of people crying, happily.

I feel my parents looking down at me, smiling as i start another chapter of my life.

I see a wonderful future to come, as I spend the years to come with my best friend, my rescuer, my love.

Whatever trials have been laid out in front of me, I know I will face with Niall, and my very best friends, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis.

“I love you with all my heart!” I say to Niall as he cups my cheeks, kissing me once again. “I love you too.” he says to me with his award winning smile.

I was a dyeing rose, withering away left to die on its own. I never thought I could find someone who can navigate my thorns, but I did. I never thought I could be loved, but I am, and my life has never felt more amazing.

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