Ashlie has a perfect life, she has friends, a boyfriend, and a great family. It's valentines day and she has a romantic dinner planned with her boyfriend, but then her love life is turned upside down. Niall Horan crawls into her life and tests her future she has wanted forever. Will she change her life for him?


3. Seriously Niall?!?

Chapter 3
Paige and Sydney have spaz attacks when they hear the door bell, it was kind of interesting to watch, their mouths were open in a silent scream and their eyes were bulging in excitement. I laughed silently at the sight and went to the door. Niall was in front, he was absolutely stunning, like handsome stunning. He was standing in front of Harry and Zayn who were pretty handsome too.
" Hey" I said
"Hello" Niall replied
" Sydney. Paige!!!" I screamed!
They came running in, they obviously had spent the last few seconds calming themselves down and collecting their wits.
" This is Sydney" I said gesturing "and Paige"
" Hi" they said
" So shall we go?" I asked
"Yeah" Niall says
We grab our purses and jacket and follow the boys out. Niall opens the passenger door for me and then goes to the driver side. Sydney and Harry climb in the very back, Paige and Zayn got in the second row. Awee I thought, try look so perfect! Niall grabbed my hand, I'm glad it's dark so he couldn't see my blush.
"So where are we going?" I ask
" Yeah I'd line to know too" said Zayn
" Niall won't let us know!" Exclaimed Harry frustrated
" It's a surprise!" Niall replies
So we just kept driving, 30 minutes later and we are still driving, to no where.
" Are you serious Niall?" Paige says
" Yeah we are starving!" I say
"Almost there!!!"
We finally got to this little house, it was sitting right on a little lake, it was so pretty in the moon light.
"OHHH, Niall it gorgeous!!" I exclaim
" Let's go in!" Zayn says
We all get out and file into the house inside there is no electric lighting, but there was vanilla scented candles everywhere.
" It's so romantic!" Paige whispers in my ear.
Niall leads us to a room with a classy little table and a delicious looking meal.
" This is it. You guys there are two other rooms where you can eat your dinner."
Then he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to the table. I was so happy right now!
"So this was very sweet of you!" I exclaimed
" Yeah I try." He replied " so after dinner I have a little boat outside that we can go around the lake on."
"OHHH really! That sounds so cool!"
"What happened on valentine day?"
" I went to dinner with my boyfriend and he dumped me and left me there. Then I was so venerable and you came and sat down and I don't know what was going through my head when I told you to kiss me. Why did you do it?"
" I don't know, you were just so sad and I didn't want to tell you no and have you be more hurt. I didn't even know you but it hurt me to see you hurt."
Ohh how sweet is he! I am on a date with Niall Horan! And he is the sweetest guy ever!!

Paige's POV:
Zayn took me to a room that was the exact same set up as Ashlie's and Nialls, we sat down and it was really awkward! What was I supposed to say?
" Soo... "I said, this was very unusual I always talk.
" Umm," he replied
God he was amazing...
" Do you like Colorado?"
" Yeah it's so pretty here."
" Yep! I love it here!"
" So why are you even in Colorado anyway?"
" We were here for a show, but them Niall wanted to stay."
" Oh yeah, this was really sweet if him."
" I'm sorry , you didn't have to come."
"I'm glad I did" he said with a smile ". Know we just meat, but I really like you."
I blushed and smiled back

Sydney's POV:

Harry and I were the last ones to find our candlelit room was sat down and just talked. About everything, he told me about his family and I told him about mine. He was so perfect.
"So Sydney what do you want to do once your done with high school?" He asked
"Oh I really want to be a singer."
"Really? Can I hear?"
"Not now. That embarrassing! Maybe later."
"Harry I really like you"
"I really Ike you too."
He took my hand that was on the table and just leaned in, and kissed me softly.

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