Ashlie has a perfect life, she has friends, a boyfriend, and a great family. It's valentines day and she has a romantic dinner planned with her boyfriend, but then her love life is turned upside down. Niall Horan crawls into her life and tests her future she has wanted forever. Will she change her life for him?


2. One week

Chapter 2
What was I doing?!? I opened my eyes, I was kissing some guy! Not any guy a stupid guy from One Direction!!! What the hell??? Where was Brad? I pulled away fast, and Niall looked at me startled.
"What" he asked
"Why are we kissing? What's wrong with you?" I yelled
"You told me to!"
"No I didn't".
What was he talking about? Then I remembered, how could I have forgotten? It just happened!
" oh I am so sorry!!! I have to go! "
"Wait what?"
I didn't listen to his pleads for me to stay I just ran.
I was delusional I was going crazy!
This was a dream! I ran all the was to Paige's house. I just sat on her front porch crying until she got home. She saw me, but not my tears I the dark. She ran up to me exclaiming
" Oh my gosh Ashlie it was wonderful!!!"
Then she saw the mascara all down my checks and grabbed me and hugged me so tight I couldn't breath.

"What happened?" She whispered
I just shook my head and she lead me inside. A few minutes later Sydney arrived, Paige ran up to the door and whispered what had happened when she got home. I still hadn't said anything, I was just so numb. How could this have happened to me? Sydney and Paige came in and sat in either side of me and took one of my hands.
" What happened tonight?" Syd said carefully
"Brad... He ...he" I started stuttering and I lost it " He broke up with me he friggin left me!!! How bad is that? I go to dinner on valentines day and I get dumped!!!!! Then he left me at the place with no car and I was all alone and crying and I had no ride! Then Niall Horan came over and he was amazingly sweet! I was so sad and I told him to kiss me, so he did! And it was the best! There were fireworks going off in my heart! But then I came to my senses and left, I ran all the way here!" I was breathing so hard. I was doing that sort of crying where all you could think was -why me?. I was delirious, I was so depressed and excited at the same time. I just down and calmed down enough to make anything sound normal. I said " One Direction was at the table across the isle from us and after Brad left me Niall came over and tried to calm me down and I just looked at him and said kiss me. He did and it was the best thing ever! But I'm still so sad about Brad. I'm so confused and I just want to sleep."
" ok I will call your mom" Paige said
" thanks"
"Where's your phone"

" ohhhh crap I left it at the restaurant!!!"
" oh wait my phone is ringing" Sydney said " it's from you!"
"Here let me answer it" I said

" Hello?" I said into the phone
" Hey love" the Irish accent from the restaurant replied.
" Can I have my phone back?"
"Not until you tell me you name, explain what happened tonight, and go on a date with me" he said smugly.
" NO"
"Fine I will call everyday until you decide you want to have your phone back"
"Fine, but why do you want to go on a date with me?"
" I tend to have a thing for blonde beauties"
I blushed " ok goodbye"
Then I hung up.

I was totally excited now!I decided to play hard to get to see how much this Niall really wanted to get to know me.
I td Sydney an Paige everything that just happened.
" OHHH MYY GOOODDDD" try both screamed. " you should totally have Niall go on a date with you and you could bring us and he could bring Harry and Zayn!" Paige yelled at me

" ummm I decided that these boys are spoiled and don't need everything that they want, so I said I won't say yes until a week from now. If he still calls a week from now then I will say yes and tell him what you said. I'm playing hard to get." I explained
"Yay yAy yay!!!" They screamed.
" Wait, how do you guys know he will keep calling?"
Paige rolled her eyes at me and said " he loves you duh!" And they went on screaming.
Damn I loved these girls.

~6 days later~
Tomorrow was the day! If he called tomorrow I would say yes! Sydney and Paige had already picked out all of our outfits 4 million times. They decided on one the changed it over and over again. I had seen Brad at school every day and it was hard, especially since the man slut already had a new girlfriend, head cheerleader, figures.

~ the day~
It was 12 and at his usual time he called!
" Hello"
" Hey" the adorable accent replied.
" So what do you want to say today?"
" Same, will you please go out with me?"
" Yes, but only if I can bring my two best friends and you bring Harry and Zayn to go on the date with them."
" Done!"
My heart was about to beat out of my chest from nervousness and excitement.
" Did you even ask them?"
"No but they know how much I want this, and they said they would do anything if it came down to it."
"How sweet"
" Yeah so we will be around to bet you at 6".
"I need an address"
I gave him Paige's address because she had volunteered to have the prep at her house this time.
" Kay see you then" I said
" Bye gorgeous "
I just blushed and hung up.

~ 2 hours later~
As soon as school was over me and the girls went to get Starbucks and went straight to Paige's house.
We got into her room and they immediately started making final decisions on outfits.
" Do you think white pants are Ok?" Paige asked
" You two are crazy!"I said in reply.
"Fine." She said back
I got into my picked out clothes, they were dark skinny jeans, black sparkly Toms , a pink tank, with a grey blazer. We all put on a little makeup and checked our hair.
Then the door bell rang....

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