Ashlie has a perfect life, she has friends, a boyfriend, and a great family. It's valentines day and she has a romantic dinner planned with her boyfriend, but then her love life is turned upside down. Niall Horan crawls into her life and tests her future she has wanted forever. Will she change her life for him?


4. I think I'm in love

Once we were done with our dinner Niall grabbed my hand and led me out to the back. There was a little yard with a fence around it. We walked beyond the yard and came up to a little deck on the lake. The lake was so pretty, the moon was reflected off of it. There was also Lilly pads everywhere, they had the green base and pink flowers on too, the entire scene was gorgeous.
"Oh my gosh Niall, this is so pretty!"
He helped me onto the boat and started rowing. There was a willow tree on one side of the lake, it's branches were hanging over the lake. We went through the branches, they formed a sort of room. Niall stopped rowing and we just sat there looking around us. It took me a while to soak it all in. Then I noticed Niall looking at me.
"What are you thinking?" I ask
"About how perfect you are."
I blushed, them to cover it up I leaned in and kissed him. To hell with playing hard to get, I didn't care anymore. It was amazing, his lips were so soft and firm at the same time, it was perfect. We sat there and kissed, until I moved closer to Niall and it set the boat of balance. The boat tipped and we both fell into the lake!
I flipped to boat back over and fell in a heap and laughed! I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Niall was so confused.
"Why are you laughing?"
"It's so funny, leave it to me to try and do something romantic an have it fail so completely! I'm such a spaz."
Niall just watched me and started laughing too. Once I got myself under control, we rowed back to the house.

Sydney's POV
The best part about the kiss was once he pulled away, it wasn't awkward. He just smiled and kept talking to me. He was so perfect, I was the happiest girl on the planet!
"Sydney, Niall really likes Ashlie and I think he's going to ask her to come with us."
"Where? "
"I don't know, but if she comes with us, will you come too?"
"Oh my gosh Harry are you serious?"
"Yeah, I really like you."
"Of course I will come!"
"Good" he says
Then we resume kissing.

Paige's POV:
I don't know how it happened, but one second we were just talking then the next Zayn has pulled me onto his lap and we were making out. God it was amazing, words can't describe it.
"So... You me ... Then...?" I say between kisses.
Zayn pulled back just a little and replied with sarcastically "no"
I smiled and kept kissing him. He put his hand on my back to push my body closer to his. I put my hands on his chest, it was really toned and strong.
"Hey" he said
"Nothing I just wanted to hear your voice."
Awe how sweet! I think I'm in love!

Ashlie's POV:
On the way back to the house Niall stopped rowing and grabbed my hand.
"Ashlie I really like you, even though we just met. Me and the boys have to go on tour soon and I can't imagine leaving you. Will you please come with us?"
"What about my family? What about Paige and Sydney? What about my diploma?"
"We can visit your family. Sydney and Paige can come too. And we can get a tutor for you to finish high school."
"I don't know. I mean I really like you too an I want to go, but what if my family says no?"
"Then you won't go and I will be really depressed."
"Ok let me talk to them."
Then I realized what he was asking, he wanted me to go with him! I jumped up a little and gave him a big hug. I also kissed him, passionately. I really liked this boy.

We got to the house and walked in I was shivering so bad from the lake. We walked by Paige's and Zayn's room.
"Oh my gosh! You guys are getting along well!"
Paige was in Zayn's lap an they were kissing, no not kissing, making out! Paige jumped up and looked at us startled. She was so embarrassed I could tell! But Zayn was so smooth, he stood up and said.
"Yeah we are" and grabbed Paige's hand. I gave Paige the "oh la la" look and she gave it back to me when Niall put his arm around my shoulder. Then we came by Sydney's room, and they were doing the same thing, making out! Jeez my friends are fast at getting a guy!
"Hey sorry to interrupt but I'm freezing my ass off!" I said
"Wait why are you wet?" Harry asked
"Well... Ummm... We tipped the boat and fell into the lake" I mumbled
"Hahahahaha" everybody except me and Niall burst out laughing.
Niall reddened and pointed at me "It was her fault!"
"Hey!!!" I yelled
"Whatever! Lets go back to the car!"
So we went back to the car and me and Niall got in the back this time.
"So" he whispered in my ear " did you like it? The house I mean?"
"Yes it was perfect!"
I leaned in and kissed him, he was amazing. He was perfect.

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