Ashlie has a perfect life, she has friends, a boyfriend, and a great family. It's valentines day and she has a romantic dinner planned with her boyfriend, but then her love life is turned upside down. Niall Horan crawls into her life and tests her future she has wanted forever. Will she change her life for him?


1. Heart broken

Yep my life was perfect... My life in a nutshell:I was born into a loving family,I have three siblings, I was bullied all through my life until I moved to Colorado. I moved to Colorado and changed my life, I lost the glades and started working out. Now I am a junior, I have a steady job at Starbucks, I'm a runner up for valedictorian, I am, as people call me a knockout, and I have an amazingly hot boyfriend and the most amazing two girls who I get to call my best friends. Yep like I said perfect. ~~~~Me,Sydney,and Paige were walking the halls on our way to my car so we can get prepared for our romantic hot dates tonight. It was valentines day, so we were all going out with our boyfriends. We all talked while getting ready about what we were going to do after ward. We all decided to meet up t Paige's afterward and share stories. We were all ready. Paige was wearing a gorgeous foxy red strapless dress, Sydney was a little bit more subtle she wore a light pink strapless with adorable huge heels making her tower over me.but she was still the same amount of prettiness a Paige. I was wearing a blue strapless, to bring out my eyes and huge heels to make me normal sized. We were drop dead gorgeousness. Our dates arrived and we were off. I was going to the melting pot with Brad( my boyfriend). We got their and took our table, when I looked around I saw five gorgeous guys sitting in the booth across the isle from us. They were One Direction, Syd and Paige's obsession for the last year now. Oh great I thought now we have to sit next to them! I really didn't like them! What the heck was so amazing? Their songs were ok, the were hot but what about their name? One Direction? What the hell does that mean? But oh well, I'm on a date! " So" Brad said after we had an amazing fondue dinner " I've been thinking and I think we should split up..." What?!?!? M heart was broken! " I love you though!!!" I said " I know but some things have to end" he replied. I burst into tears and he left me there, with no ride crying, and heart broken. Then one of the Directioners walked over and tapped my shoulder. I think his name was nick or maybe... Idk. " hello darling" he said in an Irish accent " may i sit?" I just nodded not trusting my word right now. "Are you ok?" He asked softly. I just looked at him. I got so caught in his gorgeous blue-grey eyes. I said quietly " kiss me". And he did. I just fell on my ass because of brad, but now I had an amazing Irish guys lips on my mouth. Maybe my life wasn't perfect before.
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