the valentines day to remember (one shot - for the contest)

this valentine one shot is for the contest, its a Liam Payne one, i hope you like it, I love writing movellas so I thought ide do this, its for fun :)


1. valentines day to remember

my (the readers) POV

I woke up on valentines morning, I looked at the side of me, and saw that my boyfriend Liam wasn't at the side of me, I wondered where he was, I looked around the house for a clue where he could be, I looked everywhere, nothing, but then I looked on the kitchen table and saw a single rose with a note attached to it, the note read:

babe, please do not go anywhere , I have a lovely surprise for you, happy valentines day beautiful, I love you, Liam :) x

So I was so confused but i went a long with it anyway, I had a secret of my own, I watched TV until I heard the door go at 6 o'clock,

"Liam" I yelled in happiness, and ran to him and gave him a hug

"hi babe, happy valentines day babe, I love you" he said

"I love you to" I replied, he cupped his hands around my face and gave me a nice soothing, gentle, loving kiss, he then took my hands and took me to the car

"where are we going" I asked,

"its a surprise" he cheekily winked, and gave we a quick kiss, I was confused.

when he had stopped I saw a bridge and over that bridge was a lake, he interlocked his hands in mine, I smiled at him, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and we walked over towards the lake, the moonlight's reflection was on the water making it look so romantic. As we got closer to the lake I noticed the most cutest thing i've ever seen, I saw a table, set for two, as we walked over the bridge I saw candles and Liam had made the words 'I Love You' with the candles, a tear fell from my face,

"I love you" he whispered.

we went and sat down at the table, on the table was a drink and two dinners, with some roses in it, after we ate, he took the roses that was in a vase, he walked towards me and said,

"I will love you till the day the last one dies" I was hurt by this, everyone knows that roses die eventually,

"whats wrong" he asked,

"everyone knows that roses die eventually" I replied, he smiled

"feel them" he said, I looked confused by this, so I did, I felt them all but one, when i got to the last one, I touched it, and then i realised, it was plastic, everyone knows plastic never dies

"oh Liam, your such a cutie" I smiled, stuck for words, more tears formed in my eyes.

"babe did you honestly think I would ever stop loving you" he asked, I shrugged.

"babe, I love you today more than I did yesterday, but not as much as i will tomorrow" he said.

"babe, I really love you" I replied, he then bent down on one knee.

"will you do me the greatest honour and become my wife" he said

"y....y...yes" I stuttered, he then cupped his hands around my hand again and gave me a kiss, when we parted I said.

"babe, I have something to tell you" I said

"whats the matter" he asked concerned while sitting down

"would you like to be a father one day" I asked

"so longs its with you of course" he replied.

"well you are going to be" I replied, tears formed in his eyes

"babe, I love you" he said.

"I love you to" I replied

he then took me on a romantic stroll down the lake, hands still entwined, we talked for a while, he kept saying the most beautiful things, after the stroll we went home

"I love you" he whispered in my ear before going to sleep.

"I love you to babe" I replied

"thank you for making this a valentines day to remember" I added, he then gave me a passionate kiss, he then pulled me closer to him, my head lying on his chest, his hand stoking my hair, sudenly I felt it drop, he had fallen asleep.

"goodnight babe" I whispered, then I went to sleep on his chest.

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