summer love

in this story your name is ummm... lets make up a unique name uhh how about clarise ok so clarise ur a not a big fan of one direction butu meet harry and fall in love with him kk?


3. Im not lying

*she looks at me like im crazy*    ''right sure u are'' she say still looking at me like im crazy   'im serious!'' I say getting up and getting a drink from the kitchen 

''I thought u didn't like one direction anyways?'' she says following me into the kitchen 

''I didn't until I met harry'' I said taking a sip of my drink     ''u did not meet harry! quit lying!  she says grabbing her water and sitting back down of the couch             ''im not lying avianna!'' I said as I sit down beside her

''whatever lets just watch some tv'' she says taking a sip of her drink

Interviewer: So harry who was that girl in the bathroom u were talking to?

Harry: Shes a girl

Interviewer: whats her name?

Harry: Clarise he says blushing

WHAT!!!???   avianna says spitting out her drink   ''told ya'' I say smiling innocently 

sorry this chapter was so short cause its night time here and im sooo sleepy lol  well goodnight

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