summer love

in this story your name is ummm... lets make up a unique name uhh how about clarise ok so clarise ur a not a big fan of one direction butu meet harry and fall in love with him kk?


2. i have to tell u something

*2 days later  u have your nose in a book*      Wow this book is awesome  *ring ring*  you answer the phone

 Me: Hello?

Harry: Hey remember me? from the concert? The Harry Styles!

Me: Lol yes I remember you! wat r u up to?

Harry: o we r just at a photo shoot U?

Me: studying. Guess wat the other day after the concert my friend avianna kept on talking about u guys she said I missed out on alot  of stuff while they were doing meet and greet!

Harry: yea I know Louis keeps on talking about how he jumped on Zayn! lol  so have u told avianna that u met me in the bathroom yet?

Me: if I did she would freak out!        *u hear a knock at the door*           hey harry I got to go now.

Harry:k bye       *U OPEN THE DOOR*  "o hey avianna!  wats up?                            Omg clarise guess wat Harry styles was spotted in the bathroom with a girl!! lets go look on the internet and see wat she looks like!

before she can grab ur laptop u jump in front of her  "wait avianna I have to tell u something" I say             "what is it" she says looking at me confused     " u might need to sit down" I say while grabbing her arm and dragging her to the couch

"Avianna that girl that was spotted in the bathroom with harry was me!"

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