summer love

in this story your name is ummm... lets make up a unique name uhh how about clarise ok so clarise ur a not a big fan of one direction butu meet harry and fall in love with him kk?


4. Harry styles

''OMG! u met harry styles!!!     omg omg omg!    I can't breathe!'' I need to sit down!''

''avianna calm down! Lol'' *ring ring*  ''BRB!''

Hello?                         Harry:Hey!                wats up?  Harry: Nm u?

 Me:same I watched ur interview!       Out of nowhere avianna grabs the phone from my hand

Hello!!! omg is this harry styles!!!!!!                    umm...yea

omg!!! im talking to harry styles on the phone!!!

Harry: o hey u must be avianna clarise's bestfriend right?     ''omg!! harry knows my name!!    *suddenly faints!!*         omg! avianna  r u ok?!

umm I got 2 go harry

k bye love


avianna wake! up!         Lol sorry if it aint that good it is my first time writing a story sooooo yea!!  ill update soon! :)



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