summer love

in this story your name is ummm... lets make up a unique name uhh how about clarise ok so clarise ur a not a big fan of one direction butu meet harry and fall in love with him kk?


1. concert

clarise POV:" Omg clarise  you have got to come with me to a one direction concert! I have 2  tickets come on please your friend avianna says jumping up and down"       "I don't know I have to study, u do know that school is starting in a couple weeks and I wanna be ready  and plus im not a big fan of direction one or direction 2 or whatever its called" i say looking at a book  *avianna takes the book from my hand*          "its called one direction and u don't wanna spend you Saturday night studying come on live a little! pleaasssssseeeeeee! come with me!!!! pleaassse!"       "if I go will u shut ur pie hole?"      "yep! I promise!" she says jumping up and down again  "ok then I guess im going to a direction one concert" I say trying to get on her nerves      "its called One direction!"       ''whatever'' I say trying not to laugh   *at the concert*   u have front row seats and they start singing WMYB the crowd goes wild and you u notice a curly haired boy staring at u while he is singing *u talking to urslef*  hmm he is pretty cute  wait.. wat am I saying!*  he keeps staring at u just smile at him


*after the concert there doing meet and greet*   ''avianna calm down''    calm down? how can I they r just so hot! she says jumping up and down again            u just roll ur eyes "hey avi I got to go use the bathroom right quick brb"    ''kk'' she says               


u finaly find the bathroom and then u bump in to someone ''im so sorry r u ok"  someone says with a cute accent he helps u up and u and its that curly haired boy u look into his cute green eyes  ''umm yea'' I say still looking into his eyes  *he smiles* 'im harry btw and u r''    ''clarise'' I say smiling 2   cute name he says    ''thanks urs 2''  u hear avianna screaming ur name "clarise!! where r u?''        ''o I gotta go now umm heres my #''        u both kiss  *u talking to urslef*  ''omg did i just kiss him!''      *he smiles* ''bye clarise"        ''bye''


*in the car*  ''omfg clarise u missed meet and greet it was so amazing and zayn was soooo hot!!  but i didn't see harry though but u missed a lot!!'' she says       ''really?'' i say smiling   ''that's to bad'' i say still smiling 

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