My Heart Skips A Beat

This is a story about a teen that finds her true love! Does she find that true guy? Its about a girl that find that perfect guy on Valentine's day. Read to find out whitch one of those five guys to see which one she will love at the end???


1. The Plane!!!

      Emma woke up one morning thinking I hope this is going to be a good day I get to fly to paris get to see amazing things. Then I get to go to the x-factor and see if they like me as like I want to be that life would be awesome.She grabbed her bags and walked out on the porch and said I love you mom and dad I will miss you very much ill call you when I get to paris.When she got on the plane she had to seat beside this boy. He said hi my name is Niall Horan what is your name. Hi my name is Emma Green nice to meet you where are you going after you get off the plane im going to the x-factor. I said me to.                                                                                                                                                                                  I have four other boys with me but on the x-factor we are going our other waays there are Zayn, Louis, Harry, and Liam we have known each other sience we were babys we have had so much happen to each of us but we never gave up on our friend ship. (me) well thats true friends right there.(niall) yea (me) what  if they dont let you do it like make you own band and they put you all together? (niall) they probley wont do that i mean it wont be bad.(me) my best friend is back there her name is Carly but she has a boyfriend so like we really isn't my best friend any more.(niall) how and why(me) she is always with him but hopefully she will actually talk to me more then five minutes without a phone call. (niall) well that is what my friends are like sometimes.(fly attendet) please put every thing up and hold on while we hit the ground.(niall) I guess it is time to get off. (me) yep. (niall) ill see you around.(me) cool.

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