Mind blowen

It was a Thursday and i was so excited for valentines day Disco at School.
The only thin that made me upset was that the prom is tomorrow and i don't have a date.


1. Mind blowen

I'm lying in my bed with the blue covers just lying over me. I open my eyes ready to get up and the light beams go right through my eyes i blink a few times to adjust them.I wake up go into the bathroom and get ready for school i look and the mirror grab  brush and Brush my dark chocolate short hair. I brush my teeth and go down stairs to have breakfast. Its a Thursday and Valentines day is tomorrow and we are having a disco at school to celebrate But i don't have a Date.I get ready and start to walk to school.

All i can think bout is the disco tomorrow and making this day the day i get a date with the boy i Love and always will, Louis. The moment i think that i see him walk right through the class room door with his dark hair and amazing eyes i just drift into a loving dream. He sees a seat next to Maddie and sits their. Maddie is my worst enemy one of the "Poplars" She loves Louis but Louis hasn't got a date so she is going to make her move Sooner rather than later.

The day has gone so fast and Louis still hasten asked me, i tried my best to make my self noticeable And i diddnt work. Louis still hasten got a date which is great news for me. The whole day Girls were asking him to go to valentines disco with him.He said No to all of them!When i got home all i could think about was Louis going to the dance with someone else. I love Him, i love him so much. The Disco is tommorow and louis still Has Not asked me to the dance.

"Olivia" My mum calls "Their is a boy at the door for you" I walk Down stairs And see the most beautiful Boy i have ever seen could it be It is. "Olivia Will you go to to the Valentines Dance with me?" He says pulling a bunch of velvet Red Roses from behind his back
I'm mind blown Loads and loads of thoughts go through my head, and the first fine i say is YES YES YES! Louis hands me the roses and asks me to come for a walk with him I grab My coat and shut the door and go. He kisses me on the four head and tells me he loves me. I whisper back I love you to and he takes my hand as we walk down the street.


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