Live while your adopted.

This is the story of Maddison. Everyone calls her Madi. She's a 14 year old living in the states. Sadly she's at a foster home with her 17 year old brother. but one day something BIG happens! Will this man adopt? Who is he? What will happen to her brother? Will she find love? Or will she find problems?


3. The Date WIth Him. :D

I walked to the park holding my bag and my phone. Texting my best friend ever, Ally. She was a huge fan of One Direction. The whole day I was wondering how I was going to tell her.

"Hello, Maddie?" I was leaning against this tree. It was huge, it had leaves fall almost every second. The roots were also big, they came out of the ground.

"Yeah Niall? Do you want to sit here or on the bench?" he sat down so i followed and sat down too.

"First I just want to say that, your famous, and we both know that. So i may not act like i normally do." i looked into his eyes and could tell he understood me.

"So tell me about your self Maddie." From that moment on i basically told my life story. There were laughs and a couple of hugs. Around 7 i had to leave. 

"Can I see your phone?" he asked. i handed it over to him. i looked at the ground moving my feet back and forth. then he handed it over to me. i unlocked my phone to see a picture of him smiling and a text to 'Nialler'.

"I guess this means we'll keep in touch"

"Im glad you said that. Do you need a guide home." "Well i haven't told them and theres a lot of fans." 

"Well i have to talk to Randy." "Oh well come on." We started walking on the sidewalk to the foster home. NIall pulled out a bouncy ball and started singing the song stand up. It was nice. I love his voice. when we got to the drive way. He stopped and gave me a hug. 

"Maddie i really hope to see you again." he hugged me again and kissed my forehead. he took off his snao back and handed it to me.

"i want you to have this." "no its ok you don't have to." "Maddie stop i want you to have this.""well thanks Nialler." "Your welcome maids." "ohh nickname." "Come on i need to talk to Randy"


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