Live while your adopted.

This is the story of Maddison. Everyone calls her Madi. She's a 14 year old living in the states. Sadly she's at a foster home with her 17 year old brother. but one day something BIG happens! Will this man adopt? Who is he? What will happen to her brother? Will she find love? Or will she find problems?


1. My Life.

So first off. let me tell you about myself. I became an orphan along with my brother at the age of 7. I'm now living in Europe with my dad and my twin. That i never knew i had. Apparently he got lost at the age of two. Im happily in a relationship with Truett. He lives in America. Thats it. Oh yeah my dad is Niall Horan. So i live in a house with One direction. So you might want to know how i got to become his daughter right? well it all started in summer '09. just kidding. Actually the end of the school year in 2012.


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