Live while your adopted.

This is the story of Maddison. Everyone calls her Madi. She's a 14 year old living in the states. Sadly she's at a foster home with her 17 year old brother. but one day something BIG happens! Will this man adopt? Who is he? What will happen to her brother? Will she find love? Or will she find problems?


2. Late.

I woke up and the room was quiet. Well the foster home is quiet. Then i saw the time, 8:56. Crap, i muttered to my self. my alarm must have been messed up with. Stacy at her finest.

"Anna can you give me a ride?" i yelled to the empty house. Np answer till she yelled back with a sickie voice. "No, I'm sick!" of course i muttered under my breath. i grabbed a pop tart and ran for about a block till i turned the corner and hit something. Which made my stuff fall to the ground.

"Oh, I'm so sorry ma'am." the man said with a major irish accent. I looked up in shock, it was Niall Horan. He must have noticed my staring because he picked up his disguise.


"Yep, I"m Niall Horan. I would gladly talk but not now."

"well can i meet you at the park down the street."

"How about 4 this afternoon."

"Ill meet you there. Mr. Horan." 

"Oh just call me Niall"

"Well bye Niall."


"Im Madi, and i wont tell any one about this."


 I walked off not knowing what to do. I walked to school and an okay day. After  school i talked with my brother and walked to the park.

A/N: thanks for reading this far. I'm very new at this. Well I decided not to a romantic for my first story. I think it would be better to do something else. ;D 



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