hello, love.

i was scared he would feel my heart thumping against my chest when he kissed me. every time he kissed me i felt like we where the only people in the world.


1. tickets

I wake up and walk into the bathroom. I have some really bad bed head. I take a quick shower, get dressed, do my hair/makeup, then hurry down the stairs.

"Hey, Raelynn, why don't you make some breakfast for you and your brother. I have to go into town and get a few things." My mom told me while not even looking up from her phone. "Sure. When do you think you'll be back?" "'Round two." "Okay, no problem, Amy's coming over later thought!" i shout as she leaves. then i walk into the kitchen where my little brother stands looking into the refrigerator.

Derek looks just like me. We both have blue eyes, freckles, and blonde hair. We could be twins if there wasn't a four year difference.

"Aye, sis? Do we have any eggs?" Derek asks the inside of the fridge. "Nope." I say popping the 'p'. "Cereal it is!" he yells making my giggle a little. "Hey! I almost forgot! guess what i got!" i basically scream it while jumping up and down. I have to bite my lip so i don't scream again. "What could it possibly be!?" he gives me a sarcastic smile and i role my eyes at him. "BACKSTAGE PASSES FOR THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!" this time i did yell it. I can't believe I'm going to meet the boys! "Yeah, have fun with that." then he turned on his heals.


*knock, knock* "Im here! Love me!" Amy shouted letting herself in the front door. She always does that but she knows i don't mind. "I got the tickets!" I run into the front room, I tripped over the cat on the way though. Amy's jaw drops to the floor. "AHHHH!!!" We hug and jump up and down together. "No. Way. They sold out too quick for me to get any!" she told me. I don't think she had any plans of letting go of me. "Yep just you and me. The concert is in a week." I can't stop smiling, It's starting to hurt my face. "OMG! Rae I love you sooo much!" "Yes, I know." i say while flicking my hair and batting my eyelashes.

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