hello, love.

i was scared he would feel my heart thumping against my chest when he kissed me. every time he kissed me i felt like we where the only people in the world.


2. the bus

-the next week-

I'm wearing cut off shorts and a black t-shirt that says "Don't Hate Me". I throw my medium-long blonde hair up in a ponytail. I ran to the door and slipped on my DC's. Crap, forgot makeup. Ran back upstairs. Put makeup on. Grab phone. Grab wallet. "Bye Mum!" I yell while I shut the front door. I walk down the drive way and get in my car. "Wow, it's hot as a mofo in here!" I push the button and the top opens up.

As I drove down the road i noticed a black bus in a ditch. When I pull over I notice that it's One Directions tour bus! I grab my phone out of my back pocket and shot Amy a quick text then slide the phone back in my pocket and got out of my car.

to: Amy-Boo <3

OMG! 1D's tour bus broke down! right here! :D details l8ter xx rae


-Liam's POV-

"what just happened?!" I ask anybody that is listening. "We blew a tire Liam, calm down." Niall told me in a calm voice. Harrys' phone rings "Hey, it's Anna! Sorry guys I gotta take this." Harry answers his phone "Hey, babe." He smiles and walks off the bus.

"What are we going to do?! We have a concert in two hours! Ugh!" Louis throws his hands up. "Call a towing service, I guess" Zayn says without even looking up from his phone. "I need some air." they all nod and I walk out of the bus. 

As i step off the bus i notice a girl talking to Harry and I swear my heart skipped a beat. I walk over and introduce myself. "Hi, I'm Liam." I smile "Liam, this is Raelynn. She was actually on her way to our concert when she saw our bus," Harry chuckled then added "ironic really."

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