hello, love.

i was scared he would feel my heart thumping against my chest when he kissed me. every time he kissed me i felt like we where the only people in the world.


3. meeting the boys

-Raelynn's POV-

i got out of my car and walked over to the door. I lifted my hand, about to knock, when Harry walked out. He was on his phone talking to someone. "Uhh...babe I'll call you back." he hung up his phone without taking his eyes off of me. "Hi...um..I..well..Hi..." could I be any more stupid? "Uhh. Hi I'm Raelynn. I noticed your bus blew a tire . Can I help with anything?" I try again. "Nice to meet you, I'm Harry," He smiled. I. Am. Going. To. Die! "You might be able to help. You see, we have a concert in two hours and-" I cut him off  "That's crazy! I have ticket to your concert. If you want I'll drive you guys there." I give a hopeful smile. "Really? that would be great, thanks!" He looks relived.

Just a few seconds later Liam came walking over to us. He smiled at me, "Hi, I'm Liam." I was speechless i had to search for words. I had always had a crush on him. Harry brought me back to reality, "Liam, this is Raelynn. She was actually on her way to our concert when she saw our bus, "he continued "ironic really."

"Oh, so your a fan?" Liam ask me. crap what do i say? "Um, yeah I love you guys." If I wasn't already blushing i was now. I brush my hair behind my ear and look at my feet. Liam lifts my chin and smiles. I look into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. "C'mon" he grabs my hand and runs to the bus. "Lads, this is Raelynn." I look down and notice Liam is still holding my hand. Harry is right behind me. "Hey since we are stuck here, Raelynn offered to drive us to the concert since she was already going." Harry tells the boys while plopping down on the couch next to Louis.

-Louis' POV-


They were gone five minutes and they already picked up a random girl?! jeez Harry what are we gonna do with you? "Do you really think this is a good idea?" I ask Liam "Oh, that's cool, I guess I'll just got to the concert without you Louis." she retorts at me. "touche." We both laugh "Okay, I'm in." i say  "Wait! Can we get something to eat on the way?" leave it to Niall to bring up food "I don't see why not." she giggles. "Shoot gun!" I hear Zayn yell.


*later at the concert

-Raelynn's POV-


"I have to go find Amy. I'll see you boys later." I hug them and say 'bye' then when i get to Liam he whispered in my ear "I hope I get to see you again." he wrote down his number and gave it to me then left. What just happened?

When i find Amy she starts asking me a bunch of questions and I explain every last detail to her. "Why didn't you call me?!?!" I couldn't I was busy! Oh, and I got Liams' number." she pretty much fainted after I said that.


-Zayn's POV-

"Liam has a girlfriend! Liam has a girlfriend!" we all tease in a sing-song voice "She's not my girlfriend okay!" "You know we're just messin" I tell him "But seriously Li, you should ask her out. I think she likes you." I smile at him then we run on stage.

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