hello, love.

i was scared he would feel my heart thumping against my chest when he kissed me. every time he kissed me i felt like we where the only people in the world.


5. meeting mom

-Raelynn's POV-

"Well I really like him and when I walked by his dressing room and I heard him talking to Niall. Liam said he likes me," Annas face lite up "Great!-" I cut her off "No.no, no, no. I want things to happen on their own. No snooping around." then we walk back into the room with the boys. Zayn took my spot and the only spot is a small gap between Liam and Louis. "Hey, Louis?" he looks up "Yeah Rae?" "Can I sit next to Liam?" he scoots over a little bit "Sure thing" Louis has the most wonderful smile. I sit close to Liam and he puts his arm around me. I lean my head on his shoulder and smile. when Liam kisses the top of my head my stomach does a back flip. Perfect end to the perfect day.

I think I fell asleep there because when i woke up I was in the boys' hotel room. My eyes fluttered open to the sound of people talking. I got out of the bed and walked into the living room area to see the boys and Anna talking and laughing. "Well look who decided to wake up!" "Oh, shut up." I get some coffee and take a seat on the couch next to Anna and Harry.

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