hello, love.

i was scared he would feel my heart thumping against my chest when he kissed me. every time he kissed me i felt like we where the only people in the world.


4. catching up

-Raelynn's POV-

When they run on stage I watch Liam. He looks amazing, once again I find myself melting in his eyes. Knock it off Raelynn! He's famous. He has girls, prettier than me, everywhere. I don't think he feels what i do.

When they start to sing "Little Things" Liam walks over to me and grabs my hand, i instantly feel my stomach flip. He pulles me on the stage and walks me over to the couch. "I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth," He still has his fingers intertwined with mine. I can't help but look into his eyes. Liam looks right at me while he sings with a smile playing on his lips. he glances down at our hands and then back into my eyes. This moment is perfect i wish it could stay like this forever.

Amy looked mad when I saw her in the crowd. I think she got the wrong idea. Hell! I don't even know whats going on, I haven't completely grasped this either.


-Niall's POV-

After the show I go to Liam's dressing room. "Hey Li, we gotta talk," I walk over to where Liam is sitting and i sit down next to him. "Sure what's up?" Liam asks looking a little concerned. "I just want you to be careful. I don't want you to get hurt, and as long as your happy I'll support this-" i got cut off "Niall! I haven't even asked her yet," I could tell Liam was getting anoyyed, "I'm sorry Niall, I just like this girl alot. I can't explain it but I want things to work out," "Well I'm happy for you and Raelynn." with that I stood up and walked out.

When I walked out I ran right into Raelynn. I wonder if she heard any of that?


-Harry's POV-

"Knock, knock!" Anna peeks her head in the door and smiles that beautiful smile she hates "Hey, babe" I walk over to the door and hug her. Anna comes in and sits in one of the spiny chairs. I walk over and sit on her lap. "Okay! God Harry, get off me! You weigh a ton!" she tries pushing me off "Hurtful" I stand up and fake pout. "You're so dramatic." Anna stands up and wraps her arms around me torso. "I love you." I whisper in her ear "Awww!" we turn around and see all the boys sitting on the couch. Raelynn was sitting on the other spiny chair. "Anna?!" they both gasp "Raelynn?!" "You two know each other " I'm so confused


-Anna's POV-

I am so shocked to see Raelynn here. I haven't seen her since i moved to Doncaster four years ago. We used to go to school together when i lived here in Indiana. She was my best friend.

"Anna, Oh my God! It's great to see you again. We have to go catch up. Like first thing tomorrow." Raelynn ran over and embraced me in a massive bear hug. "I don't know, Harry and I have planes tomorrow." "No, it's okay love. We'll make a day out of it. We can all go to lunch together then see a movie." Harry seemed excited about his idea. "Or we could double date" wow, her face just got bright red then i notice who shes looking at. I turn around and shes staring and Liam and Niall laughing about somthing. I grab her wrist and drag her to the hall. "Where are you going?" Harry asks me "Umm, to the hall be back in a minute."

Once we are out in the hall I shut the door and let go of Raelynn's wrist "Spill it" "Spill what?" she sounds defensive "What's up with you and Liam? I saw you up there with him during Little Things."


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