The Wedding Crasher (Niall Horan) *ON HOLD*

Only one could dream to get married on Valentines Day. Only one would be the one to crash that wedding. Only one would be making headlines for crashing it. Only one would be Niall Horan, the best friend of Emmy Clares. Only Emmy Clares would be the bride of the wedding. Only one be in love with her. Only one would be the one for her.

"The Wedding Crasher"


2. Wedding Ceremony's


The nerves building in my stomach with each step I took. Pacing back and forth. Time ticking by. The thoughts running in my mind. Me eyes darting around the room. All the stares piercing into me soul. All just for one day that will change me life forever. The day I get married. Married to dan Jaimet, The boy I met less than a year ago. I know people would be saying I'm crazy for getting married to a guy I met less than a year ago but we're in love. You can't deny love. So here I am, standing in me dressing room in the church that I'm getting married in, in less than fifteen minutes from now. I'm getting married. How can't I get that in my head? Maybe it's cause daddy won't be there to walk me down the isle or maybe it's cause mummy won't be there sitting next to daddy after he walked me down. I know people go down the isle without there father cause he had to be somewhere important, they'll just have one of there friends that's a guy or their brother to walk her down but I never had a brother or a sister, I never had really close guy friends, I never knew me mother. I barely remember me father and me best friend -that's a guy- couldn't be here. Out of all the people to walk me down the isle I said no cause there not me best friend or daddy. So I'm walking down the isle by meself. Wonderful. I know. But that's just me; sarcastic. 


"Emmy! Stop pacing you're going to ruin the dress" And than there's Allison Grace, me best friend since the start. Me eyes snapped over to where she sat just a few feet away from me on the three sitter white silk couch with her long tan legs crossed, her long blonde hair in loose curls running over her bold shoulders in perfect form, just reaching her mid back. The dress she wore is, I say, perfect on her but she says other words; the heart line purple-blue dress that reached her mid thighs, with a small flower bow on the left side of the dress and her silver strap high heels. If I do say so meself I did a great job with the bridemaids dressed 


"Allison, try being in my shoes; getting married to a guy i met less than a year ago, not having me dad to walk me down the isle, me best friend not here, freaking out, and to top it off having cold feet" I spoke for the first time in the past hour. I know you may be thinking I'm crazy for freaking out that me best friend isn't here and all but he's been with me since I was four, his family adopted me after me father died. A sad fragile tiny four year old little girl crying all the time, missing her father. Yes that was me. Allison didn't know about my past before the Horan's really, neither did the Horan's or Dan. I couldn't bring meself to tell them to be honest. The smiles, the giggles, the funny memories that me daddy brought all was gone in the blink of the eye. I still miss him but I have learned to live life to the fullest and live without regrets. Daddy to me that each and everyday up until the day he died with me in his arms. 


"Emmy you're parents would be proud to see you getting married and settling down to have a family but you have to move on. You can't keep going back to the past. The past is over, done with you can't change anything" Allison spoke softly. She's right I can't change the past no matter how hard I tell meself, blame it all on me. Nothing can change but you can only change this moment and what's going to happen in the future and right now I want to change me future. No matter how much I miss me parents I gotta keep listening to the world and all the words around me. Same with the people. 


"Why are you always right, Allison?" I laugh a little as I drop down next to her on the couch. Slowly I rest me head on her right bare shoulder hoping she doesn't yell at me for smearing my make up or messing up my hair. God I really do hate dressing up. I remember growing up when daddy was still around, I would always play dress up to play princess' , he would be me prince. Out of all the memories of him I remember the most is the day he died. I just went to visit him in the hospital, he died that very day. 




"Daddy?" The small four year old little girl stood at the large doorway in her father's hospital room. Hearing the beeping coming from the machines next to his bed hocked up to his father of the small little girl, sent her into tears. She ran as fast as her little four year old legs could carry her into her father's hospital room, ran over to his lifeless body laying on the cold hard mattress of the hospital be. She grasped her father's large hand in her small one as the big salty tears rolled down her light rosy colored cheeks. Begging that her father isn't dead, she hopped up onto her father's bed, and snuggled up into his body like she always does at night when she's had a nightmare or she just wants to be with her father. Slowly but surely the father's bright blue eyes pealed opened with all his energy he rapped his arms around his little girl.


"Princess?" He whispered as the tears breaking at the conners of his eyes, as he kissed the little girl's forehead. "I missed you"  


"I missed you too, Daddy" She kissed his wet tear stained cheek. 


"No Matter what happens, remember I'm always going to be there for you even if that means I'm not here with you. I'll love you forever and always. Okay Princess?" 


"What are you talking about, Daddy?" The little girl whispered as her father pushed a strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear. 


"I want you to remember that me and your mother love you even though she isn't here with us. I love you, princess. Promise me that you won't forget me? Promise me  that no boys will ever take you away?" The little girl's father stuck out his pinky finger. The little girl stuck out her rather tiny pinky and linked hers with his. 


"Ew! Boys have cuties. But you don't Daddy. I promise. I love you" She giggled, kissed his cheeks once again.


"I love you too, Princess: WIth that the father's heart gave out and he died with his fragile little four year old little princess in his arms. 


End of FlashBack 


I remember crying for days and days just hoping it was all just a scary dream but it wasn't. I remember being taken to a orphanage, I was there for about a month till I was adopted by the Horan family. The Horan's have been like my family since the day they adopted me but they wouldn't take the place of daddy or mummy. Growing up in Mullingar, Ireland was something different from Dublin. So yes I have an Irish accent. I remember going out into the different meadows, sitting there with a notebook and a pen thinking of all the things I can do in life, write little short stories in the notebook that no one have dared to touch. The notebook that no one has ever seen before. 


Snapping out of my thoughts, I stood up, grabbing me white IPhone 4s with the light pink case from the glossy wooden table by the door. I quickly turn it on, type in me password before going to the green phone app, dialing his number. I put me phone up to me ear and wait. After three rings it went straight to voice mail. Damn him. I press 'End Call' Before putting me phone back on the table, made me way over to Allison. 


"Who where you trying to ring?" She asked as I took me spot next to her once again. 


"Niall" I whispered before adding, "I don't get why he's avoiding me all of a sudden. I'm getting married it's not like I'm dying or something. Allison? Do you know why he's avoiding me" I turn my body to face her as she starred straight at the wall across from us. 


"Uh, no I don't, h-his, uh, phone is probable just dead" She stuttered as she didn't look at me once again. She just looked everywhere but me. 


"Probable" I sighed as my brain racked with other reasons why Allison might be lying to me. Niall didn't want to see me get married. He wanted to come but forgot. He was busy. Uh he is with the other lads. He-wait! Didn't he say once before that he lo-


"Emmy it's time" Allison broke me out of me thoughts, nodding I stood up and grabbed the light pink and white bouquet of flowers. I slowly made my way out of the dressing room, waited till Allison and my two other bridemaids where standing on the platform at the front of the church. The tone of the famous wedding song played loudly on the piano that echoed throughout the church, making the guess' stand up on their feet and turn to face me as I slowly make  my way around me way around the corner, down the isle. Right foot, left foot, right foot. I told meself over and over again as I kept me stare on the ground. I lift me glaze to the front of the church as the flashed of the camera fit me face causing me to squint a little. Now, looking at the love of my life wearing his black tux, black dress shoes with his dark brown shaggy hair cut short, like Taylor Lautner 's back when he was at a Twilight Eclipse signing, and his deep dark brown hazel eyes. 


Our eyes locked for the first time since yesterday night. The smile creeped onto me light pink lips causing Dan to do the same. I know what you're thinking who would name there kid Dan but danisnotonfire I love his name it suits him but not me Dan. It doesn't. He should have a name like Josh, Jackson, Edward, Ed, Justin something like those names. Something other than Dan. Me thoughts all came crashing down when I stepped onto the platform, handing me flowers to Allison. Giving her a small smile before turning back around to face Dan. 


"You look pretty" He spoke in a whisper. "You too" I whispered. The one thing you don't know about Dan is he has never said to me that I look Beautiful or Perfect. He only says pretty or nice but Niall on the other hand calls me beautiful every time he sees or texts or rings me. He's just weird but I love him as a friend. I have thought about me feelings towards Niall but it's nothing but in a friendly way. 


As the priest started the ceremony. For most part of the ceremony I was zoned out thinking about what could happen in me future, and all other thoughts and 'what if's'. But all me thoughts snapped as I heard the very familiar voice from the back of the church by the wooden white church doors, yell the only thing that could change me life forever.




Those two words, that one sentence could change me life forever. Everything I have lived up to, everything I've waited for, all me dreams, thoughts of the perfect prince. Me prince. Everything came crashing down. The one boy that I thought would be the last person to change me future. Did just that. The Wedding Crasher. In other words, Niall Horan. 



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