The day I will never forget. (1Shot41D Contest.)

This is for the One Direction One Shot Valentine's day contest. Wish me luck.! I'm doing a Niall One. I need feedback. So please comment.! Love y'all.! xoxo <3


1. Valentines Day with Niall Horan.

So, Valentines Day is tomorrow and I'm lonely.... again. This has to be some sort of record, 16 years without a Valentine. Yea, it kinda sucks. As I sit alone in my room, my walls are covered top to bottom with my favorite band. You guessed it, One Direction. Why can't I spend Valentines day with them? Well, mainly Niall. He is my "favorite member" I guess you could say. His eyes, his adorable dyed blonde hair, his cute accent. Don't forget about his dreamy voice. That right there is why he is my favorite. I wish I could here it live and in person. Oh yeah, I've never been to a One Direction concert either. So, I have no chance of that ever happening. I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on Twitter. I notice a very interesting tweet by a Mr. Liam Payne. It said

 @Real_Liam_Payne: The lads and I are going to surprise a very special American fan for Valentines Day. It could be you.

"No way.!" I scream. I start to jump up and down. Then it hit me, wait there is no way that could be me. Could it? So I Tweet back.

@HoranBieber96: @Real_Liam_Payne I wish that special fan was me.

My friend sees it and responds.

@JellyPaintMarie: @HoranBieber96 @Real_Liam_Payne Jessalyn, it could be. Just remember... Anything is possible.

Those words.. I have always believed them, but for some reason I just couldn't this time. I log off of twitter and hear a knock on the front door. I'm lazy to look outside to see who it is, so I just lay on my bed. "Jessalyn.!" My little Nick brother yells. "Yea.?" "The door is for you." 'Most likely Destiny.' I think to myself. So, I walk down the stairs only to be stopped by my mom. "Brace yourself." She tells me. "What.?" I asked confused. "Just brace yourself and walk slowly into the living room." She warns. I walk down the last step and take a deep breath before I go into the living room. When I did I froze. I saw the five most amazing guys in the world sitting in my living room. Yes, MY living room. They all smile and say their classic line "Hi, We're One Direction.!" "Am I dreaming.?" I ask. They all look at me funny. "I'm asleep. This is a dream." I say. Just then Niall walks over to me. He places his hand on my arm and pinches me. "Ow.!" I yell. "No you're not dreaming love." Then it hit me. I'M THE SPECIAL FAN.! "Nice, 'Ow' by the way." Louis comments. "Thanks." I manage to choke out. "I'm Jessalyn by the way. But why me.?" I ask. "I'm sorry what.?" Liam asks. "Why did you choose me.?" I say quietly, then I look down at the ground. "I'm not all that special." They all smile again and Niall starts to blush. "Well," Zayn begins. "Nialler here wanted to pick you." I look at Niall. His face is bright red. "Can we talk.. Alone.?" "Yea follow me." I pull him into the kitchen near the back door. He takes my hand. "Why me.?" I ask quietly. "Because, I've noticed you on Twitter for awhile now." He looks into my eyes. "And I've noticed you're kind to others, you like to help people, you aren't afraid to be yourself but you are insecure at the same time." I'm smiling now. "Your tweets are funny, you always stand up for the things you believe in. But I was too scared to talk to you. So, Harry came up with this whole idea." He looks like he is about to cry but in a good way. "Niall. Why would you be to scared to talk to me.? I'm nothing special." "But you are. I've seen you before. Well, Before Twitter I mean. No matter how creepy this seems." He sighed. "I've seen you in a couple, well a lot of my dreams." 'Awweee how cute.?' I think. "And I didn't want you to like me just because I'm Niall Horan, but because I'm Niall." He looks down at the ground and i pull his chin back up. "I don't like you because your money or that you are Niall Horan. I like you because of who you are, or at least from what I've seen in videos. An adorable, Irish man who isn't afraid to show who he is but is insecure at the same time." He smiled and pulled me into a hug. Yes.! I finally got a 'Horan Hug'.! We pull away and he kisses me on the cheek. "Jessalyn." He says. "Yea.?" He gets down on one knee. "Will you.... Be my Valentine.?" I smile. "Yes.! I would love too." He jumps up and spins me around. "Yay.!" He exclaims. He grabs my hand and pulls me back into the living room. "I did it.! I asked her.!" He tells everyone. They all get up and pull us into a crushing group hug. "Can't breathe." I say and they all let go. "Don't crush her boys." Niall says. "She's fragile." He winks at me causing me to blush. Finally the streak is broken and my Valentine is non other then Niall Horan.


A/N Hope y'all like it.! xoxo


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