Why Me ?

Kiary Ran Away From Her Parents Because They 'BOTH' Beat Her Constently. Kiary Also Cut Herself But She Would Only Use One Razer . . . . And Thats The One Her Little Sister Used Before She Killed Her Self. Kiary Walked For Days Until Nun Other Niall Horan Drove By And Asked If She Needed A Ride She Said She Had No Where To Go So Niall Brought Her Back To Meet The Lad's To See What They Thought He Should Do ?
- Does Niall Let Kiary Stay With Them Till She Gets On Her Feet Or Is , Niall In Love With Her ?


5. The Fight ! Part 2

Kiarys P.O.V

Liam Pulled Me Back And Held My Hands Behind My Back And That Bitch Had A Clear Shot And Punched Me Right In The Mouth . I Spit Blood On The Floor And Looked At It And Smiled At Her . I Turned Around Slipped Outta Liam's Grip And Dashed Towards Her And Tackled Her Once More Throwing Punches Right And Left Till She Was Out Cold And Niall , Louis , And Liam Pulled Me Off Her . As Soon As I Saw Her Full Body I Smiled Got Out Of All There Grips And Walked Away With Tears In My Eyes . I Honestly Didn't Know Exactly Why I Was Crying But I Was And Alot . I Think Its Just All The Stuff I Held In For Soo Long And All That Anger Was Just Put Out At That One Time And My Emotions Were Everywere . I Was Happy That , That Bitch Got What She Deserved But I Was Sad Because Of What My Parents Made Of Me .  Beating Me Everyday , Me Fighting Back For My Life . I Ran To An Ally And Slid My Back Against The Wall And Just Started Bawling My Eyes Out . I Heard Running Foot Steps And I Opened My Eyes To See Niall Running Towards Me . How The Hell Did He Find Me . I Looked Down And Saw That I Was Bleeding Alot But Form Were . I Lifted Up My Shirt And Saw A Hole Not A Huge Maybe A Size Of A Gum Ball But I Left A Trail Of Blood And I Realized That Bitch Stabbed Me . I Quickly Got Up Filled With Rage And Started Running Back To The Beach I Wanted To Kill That Bitch Not Just Knock Her Out . Niall Ran After Me But The Boy Was Faster Than Me So It Wasent Hard For Him To Chatch Up . He Grabbed Me And Looked In My Eyes They Were Red And Not The Type Were Its Just The Wight Part My Green Sparkly Eyes Were Now Red .  " Kiary Whats Wring With Your Eyes " ? "I Dont Know And I Dont Care I Just Need To Get Back To The Beach NOW !" I Yelled " No Sit Down She Had Enough " He Giggled . " Niall I Dont No Whats Wrong With Me I Just When Ever I Get Mad Its Like The World Around Me Turns Into Everything I Hate The Most And Im In A Red Zone That Can Never Return Its Normal Color " I Sobbed Into His Shoulder . " Its Ok We'll Deal With It , Whatever's Wrong With You It's Not Gonna Change The Way I Feel Or See You As A Person You'll Always Just Be Kiary My Normal Girlfriend , Always And Forever And A Day " He Smiled And Kissed Me . That Right There Was The Moment I Knew That I Wanted To Be With Niall For The Rest Of My Life ♥


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Sorry For Not Updating Lots Of Drama With The Family And I Also Whanted To Know If Anyone Would Want To Co-Auother This Movella ? Leave A Comment ♥ Love You !

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