Why Me ?

Kiary Ran Away From Her Parents Because They 'BOTH' Beat Her Constently. Kiary Also Cut Herself But She Would Only Use One Razer . . . . And Thats The One Her Little Sister Used Before She Killed Her Self. Kiary Walked For Days Until Nun Other Niall Horan Drove By And Asked If She Needed A Ride She Said She Had No Where To Go So Niall Brought Her Back To Meet The Lad's To See What They Thought He Should Do ?
- Does Niall Let Kiary Stay With Them Till She Gets On Her Feet Or Is , Niall In Love With Her ?


4. The Fight ! Part 1

Kiarys P.O.V 

Niall Asked Me To Be His Girlfriend And I Said Yes . He's So Sweet And Caring And I Only None Him A Day And A Half . ' Niall Came In And Made Me Lose My Train Of Thought . " Hey " Niall Said While Smiling. "Kiary ! " He Yelled "Huh ? " I Said Confused . "Sorry I Was Just Thinking " I Said " What Do You Wanna Do Today ? " He Asked . "The Beach !!" I Yelled Loudly So Louis Came Running Up And Tackled Me And Screamed " KIARY YOU WANNA GO TO THE BEACH !!" He Screamed Soo Loud I Swear I Lost My Hearing Right Then And There . " No LOUIS  I Just Wanted To Say The Beach For My On Amusement " I Said Sarcastically . " Dont Sass Me " He Said Rudely . " I Can Do What Ever I Want When I Want Because Im Kiary Jones And I Do What I Please " I Said Rudely . " Whatever " He Said And Walked Out . The Boys Were Standing In The Door Way " Ooooooo" The Lads Said " Good Backdown Kiary " Liam Said . " Haha I Have An Attitude Its A Gift And A Curse . "  


I Was Sitting On The Sand Then A Girl Came Up Behind Me And Threw Sand In My Face . " What The Hell Is Your Problem ?!! " I Yelled In Her Face " My Problem Is That Your Dating Niall And He's Mine , I Dont No Why He's Dating Such A Ugly Whore Like You When He Could Have Me " She Said Rudely " Hahaha Your Just Mad Because He's Mine And Not Yours And You Cant Have Him , And Im NEVER WORRIED Because  By The Look Of It Im Prettier Than You " I Said Rudely " Watch What You Say " She Said Rudely  . She Swung And I Dodged It . " Bitch Who The Fuck You Think You Are " I Punched Her Right In The Mouth I Grabbed Her Hair And Kept Cupping Her In Her Face . She Grabbed My Hair And Tried To Clip Me I Picked Her Up And Slammed Her On Her Back And Got On Top Of Her And Started Just Hitting Her Liam Came Running And Tried To Pull Me Off .



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