Why Me ?

Kiary Ran Away From Her Parents Because They 'BOTH' Beat Her Constently. Kiary Also Cut Herself But She Would Only Use One Razer . . . . And Thats The One Her Little Sister Used Before She Killed Her Self. Kiary Walked For Days Until Nun Other Niall Horan Drove By And Asked If She Needed A Ride She Said She Had No Where To Go So Niall Brought Her Back To Meet The Lad's To See What They Thought He Should Do ?
- Does Niall Let Kiary Stay With Them Till She Gets On Her Feet Or Is , Niall In Love With Her ?


3. That One Phone Call :(

Kiarys P.O.V

Niall Got Up And Walked Out . I Was Confused , Nervous , Scared , But Excited Because I Had Feelings For Niall Even Though I Met Him Today . It's Like I New Him My Whole Life . I Looked Down And Saw The Cuts On My Arm's ..... From Earlier . There Deep , Scabbed Up And Dark . I Ran Down The Stairs . Then Looked Around " Hey Guys Wheres Niall ? " I ASked The Lads "In The Kitchen " Liam Said , I Nodded And Went To The Kitchen . I Walked In And Saw Niall Making A Sandwich . I Walked Up Behind Him And Started Kissing His Soft Spot , Niall Moaned . Then Turned Around . " Hey " I Said Smiling . " OMG , You Really Gotta Stop Doing That If You Ain't Gonna Give Me Nothing " Niall Said While Smiling . " Do You Have Any Band aids ?" I Asked Nervously Hoping He Didnt Ask Why . " Yea In The Bathroom In The Cabbnet , But Why ? " He Said With A Weird Face . I Thought For A Moment Then Turned Around And Ran . I Ran To he Bathroom And Locked It As Quick As I Could Because As Soon As I Locke It Niall Ran Into The Door " OWWW " Niall Said Loudly . " Sorry Nialler " I Said Laughing . I Turned Around And Oppend The Cabbnet . And Saw The Bandaids I Put Them On My Cuts And Then Unlocked The Door To A Angry Niall But I Didn't No Why Then I Saw What He Was Staring At . I Forgot To Pull Down My Sleeve And You Could See My Covered Up Cuts Niall Grabbed My Arm And Started Crying . " Niall Please Don't Cry " I Said Saddly . " Why Are YOU DOING THIS TO OURSRLF KIARY YOUR BEAUTIFUL , SMART , FUNNY , AND CARING WHO MADE YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF . ! " Niall Screamed . " MY PARENTS OK THEY WOULD  BEAT ME EVERYNIGHT AND DAY TOGETHER FOR NO REASON AT ALL THEY WOULD STARVE ME FOR A WEEK STRIAGHT THATS WHY I DONT EAT THAT MUCH BECAUSE IM USED TO IT I USED TO BE SO SKINNY YOU COULD BREAK ME LIKE A TWIG OK NIALL THATS WHY I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NIALL NEVER HURT ME !! "  At This Point I Was In Tears And Ran To Nialls Room And Laided Under The Coveres And Cried Softly . " Kiary " Niall Whispered " What Niall " " Im Sorry But  Was Just Mad And Shocked Please Forgive Me " " Of Course I Cant Stay Mad At You Nialler " I Ran Up To Him And Hugged He . The Outta No Where Niall Smashes His Lips On Mine I Didn't Kiss Back Because I Was In Shock . The He Stopped And Put Me Down And Walked Away " Niall Im Sorry " " Kiary I Just Wish You Would Stop Sending Mixed Singals ." " Niall I Was Just Shocked Please . . . . . Try Me Again " He Came Really Close To Me And Leaned In I Pressed My Lips On His And Our Lips Moved In Sync . He Pulled Away And Said " Kiary Be My Girlfriend " " Of Course Niall Of Course " I Said And Kissed Him Passionately . 



Sorry Not That Good Of A Chapter But I Love You Guys And Leave Ideas  ♥ 

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