Why Me ?

Kiary Ran Away From Her Parents Because They 'BOTH' Beat Her Constently. Kiary Also Cut Herself But She Would Only Use One Razer . . . . And Thats The One Her Little Sister Used Before She Killed Her Self. Kiary Walked For Days Until Nun Other Niall Horan Drove By And Asked If She Needed A Ride She Said She Had No Where To Go So Niall Brought Her Back To Meet The Lad's To See What They Thought He Should Do ?
- Does Niall Let Kiary Stay With Them Till She Gets On Her Feet Or Is , Niall In Love With Her ?


6. Niall <3

Kiary's P.O.V

Niall Is Soo Sweet He picked My Up And Carred me all the way home . When we got home Niall brought me to his room closes the door with his foot and being him he tripped and landed on top of me I felt his dick on my leg witch was turning me on . I looked down and Niall lifted my face with his finger . " You Want It ? " he asked I looked down . Then I look back at his and nod I needed him not some of him but all of him . As soon as I nodded his face turned into a serious face and his eyes turned black and lustful . He pulled my shorts off and my shirt did the same to himself and got on top of me and kissed me hard demanding entrance I gladly gave . He grabbed his dick and but. At my entrance teasing . All of a sudden he stopped kiss me " Are You Sure You Wanna Do This ? " he asked carefully . I Nod so does he and continued teasing he looked in my eyes and said " Babe I Really Dont Wanna Cause You Pain " " Niall If You Love Me You"ll Do This For Me " I said he nodded and said " It's Gonna Hurt I'm Not Gonna Lie But Only For A Couple Minuets Then It'll Feel Good Promise Ok. ? " I Nod Quickly . he looks at my face and kisses be not a long one just a pek the. He looks at his dick then lines it up with my entrance and looked in my eyes again I nod slowly he closes his eyes and goes in a little . It felt like someone was putting a knife in me I close my eyes and scream not that loud but someone down the hall could probably hear it Niall froze and took his dick out and looked at me . I nod to let him no I'm ok and to keep going he nice and pushes in but a little deeper this time the pain got worse I scream louder and tell him not to move so I could get used to it he does what he is told then pushed deeper and deeper and deeper I scream at the top of my lungs and tears are streaming down my face I knew what was coming now he had to thrust into me .. Niall pulled out put his hand over my mouth and thrusted into me hard and deep i scream and cry but I wanted this it hurt so much I just kept nodding I didn't just want this I needed this ?! He the. Made me sit on his lab I tried to sit but it hurt I was bleeding I looked at Niall scared he said " It's Ok It's Normal It Won't Hurt And More Babe I Promise " I Sat Down At Starded Riding Him Hard I Moaned He Moaned And I Rolled Off And Fell Alseep .

It's not good but idgaf tired Af love U guys
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