Why Me ?

Kiary Ran Away From Her Parents Because They 'BOTH' Beat Her Constently. Kiary Also Cut Herself But She Would Only Use One Razer . . . . And Thats The One Her Little Sister Used Before She Killed Her Self. Kiary Walked For Days Until Nun Other Niall Horan Drove By And Asked If She Needed A Ride She Said She Had No Where To Go So Niall Brought Her Back To Meet The Lad's To See What They Thought He Should Do ?
- Does Niall Let Kiary Stay With Them Till She Gets On Her Feet Or Is , Niall In Love With Her ?


2. I Think I Love You Niall ♥

Niall's P.O.V

She Seem's To No Alot About Us  . .  I Bet She's A Fan . " Kiary" I Said "Yess" She Said Sweetly . " Are You A Fan Of One Direction "  I Said While Smiling . " Yes " She Said As She Blushed . " Were Here " I Said " Whoa ! " She Said Excitedly . "I Know Right " I Said Smiling At Her Reaction . We Got To The Front Door , She Grabbed My Hand , I Guess She Was Nervous . " Don't Worry There Gonna Love You " I Said Sweetly . She Just Smiled And Nodded . I Unlocked The Door And Headed Towards The Living Room Where All The Lads Were . We Walked In The Living Room And , All The Lads Had Confused Faces . " Who's That ?" Liam Said . " Lads This Is Kiary , She's Gonna Be Staying With Us For A While If Thats Ok ? " I Said " Uhmm  . . . Sure " The Lads Said An Nodded . Kiary Tightened The Grip On My Hand , Mad This Girl Was Strong It Kinda Hurt . So I Squeezed Her Hand To Tell Her To Loosen Her Grip . She Did And Blushed . " Haha Naill You Already Got The Girl Blushing " Liam Said . All The Lads Laughed . Kiary Just Smiled And Blushed Harder . " Kiary That Liam , Zyan , Louis , And Harry . " I Said . She Waved And The Lads Did To But They Had HUGE Smiles On There Faces .  Kiary Leaned In And Whispered In My Ear " Can We Go To Your Room Or Something , Were Just Standing Here "  She Whispered " SECRETS DON'T MAKE FRIENDS " Louis SCREAMED . " NEITHER DOSE YELLING LOUIS .!! " Kiary Yells . I Just Start Laughing And Grab Her Hand And Lead Her To My Room "Were Goin Im My Room So Yea Bye " I Say Going Up The Stairs . All Of A Sudden Kiary Jumps On My Back . I Almost Fall But This Girls Is No Where Near Heavy . " Hahaha What Are You Doing ? "  " I Don't Feel Like Walking " She Said Whining . " Hhaha All You Had To Do Was Ask " ? I Said " Nialler Can You Carry Me To Your Room Pwees ! "  She Screamed Almost Making Me Go Def . " YEA NIALLER CARRY KIARY UP TO YOUR ROOM !! " All The Lads Yelled I Got A Better Grip On Kiary And Zoomed Up The Stairs . " Holly Shit , Niall !! " She Said " Hahah You Said Carry You Up You Didnt Say How Fast " I Said Being Smart . With That She Bit My Neck , But She Bit My Soft Spot . A Moan Escaped Outta My Mouth . I Could Feel Her Smile On My Neck . She Then Pulled Away . " Well Good To No I Can Make You Moan "  She Said Smiling " Haha Now Its My Turn " I Said Smiling . I Ran To My Room  And Threw Her On The Bed And Got On Top Of Her . . . . . . She Just Smiled . 


Kiary's P.O.V

Niall Got On Top Of Me And Started Kissing My Neck , I Didnt Think He New Where My Soft Spot Would Be But Thats Were He First Started My Jaw Line . A Moan Escaped From My Mouth . He Smiled And Pulled Away . " Hahah " I Just Laughed . " Whats So Funny " Niall Said " No One Has Found My Soft Spot Unless I Told Them , But You Did " I Said Smiling " Is That A Good Thing ? " " Very " I Said . " Well Now You Got Me Turned On " He Sais Saddly And Plopped On The Bed . " Well . . .  " I Just Laughed . I Sat Up And So Did Niall . I Looked Deep Into His Blueish Greenish Eyes . " Tell Me If You Want Me To Stop " He Said And Leaned In . So Did I . His Lips Were So Soft On Mine . He Licked The Bottom Of My Lip , Demanding Entrance So I Let Him . His Tongue Exploring My Mouth . I Feel His Tip Touch My Leg I Lift Up His Shirt And Slid My Hands Down His Abs Witch Causes Him To Moan In My Mouth Witch Turned Me On Even More . I Unbuttoned His Pants And Slid My Hands In His Boxers , He Shivered And My Cold Hands Touching His Dick , I Just Grab It And Starts Jerking Him Off . He Moans In To My Mouth Several Times . I Pull My Hands Outta His Pants And Pull Away .  " And Theres Alot More Were That Came From When Your Living With Me "  I Said And Smiled . " Damn Your Hot "  He Said And Laughed ..... " Kiary " . He Said "Yes " " Are You A Virgin ? " He Asked . I Smiled And Nodded . "Well You Wont Be By The End Of Today " He Got Up Kissed Me And Walked Out .



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