At the Pond

Alexis Greene is a 15 year old girl excluded from the world and is always alone, other than her grandma, but will someone change that. Read to find out!


4. The Plan

Lexi's P.O.V:

   In the morning I awake at 8:00. I know that's early for someone who has no where to go but I don't just want to be lazy all day. I pick up my phone that's sitting next to my bed on the dresser and press the home button. The screen lights up and I see I have a new text. Suddenly all the memories of yesterday and Jackson filled my brain. I got this weird sensation in my stomache. I don't really know why. The text I got said:

From Jackson:

We should hang out sometime!

I sent this back:

To Jackson:

I would love to but my gran would never let me go... :(

   After I tapped the send button I walked to the kitchen and made a bowl of cereal. I then sat down at the counter to eat my cereal and my phone buzzed.

From Jackson:

Wellllllllll........ I could help you sneak out, if you wanted :)

To Jackson:

Ehhhh idk

   I want to hang out with Jackson, I really do! But, I don't know if I can lie to Gran like that. I have never lied to her before, ever! She has always been there for me, especially when I didn't have my parents, which by the way I still don't want to think about. BUZZ!

From Jackson:

Come onnnn it will be fine. What time does your grandma go to bed?

To Jackson:

Usually around 8:00, why?

   I wonder why he needs to know this. I've never made a plan for anything like this, so I don't really know what I'm doing.

From Jackson:

So heres the plan when your "gran" goes to bed sneak out and meet me at the little pond where we first met I'll take you somewhere fuuuuuun!

To Jackson:

I still don't know about this I will feel really bad...

From Jackson:

Lexi, you need to live a little come on it will be so fun we wont do anything crazy

To Jackson:

alright alright I'll try but if I get caught I will be sooooo mad at you

From Jackson:


   Wow, I cant believe I'm going to do this! But Jack son is right I do need to live a little. I'm tired of being stuck in this house. Maybe it's time for me to break the rules and be a normal teenage girl. I'm never going to get any experience anything if I'm always here.

   "Alexis, are you awake?" I hear Gran call from the hallway.

   "Yeah Gran I'm just eating breakfast," I say back. She walks in the room and begins to make herself some cereal.

   "So, do you want to start school after breakfast?' She questions as she comes and sit at the counter next to me.

   I replied back with, "That'll be fine."



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