At the Pond

Alexis Greene is a 15 year old girl excluded from the world and is always alone, other than her grandma, but will someone change that. Read to find out!


3. Texting

Lexi's P.O.V:

    I am playing apps on my phone when I hear the front door open. I rush downstairs to help Gran (I call my grandma Gran) carry in the shopping bags. I get some bags and set them on the kitchen counter, when all the sudden my phone vibrates in my pocket and against the counter to create a loud buzzing noise. "What's that noise?" Gran asks worriedly.

   "Oh, It's just my phone," I reply, "Um..Well I'm gonna go back to my room and maybe go to sleep early." I hug Gran lightly goodnight and head to my room. When I get to my room I sit on my bed and pull out my phone. I have a text, Wow! Oh yeah I remember now, I met that boy. I open the text :

   From: Jackson :P   

Hey, Cutie :)

   Wow, he called me cute what do I say back?

   To: Jackson :P


I press send and sit my phone down on the bed next to me. Then I lay down in silence and soon drift off to sleep.


Jackson's P.O.V:

   I'm start off towards my house. When I finally get there I walk in and go straight to my room. I don'y really feel like talking to anyone. I lay down on my bed still thinking about the girl I just met. I can't get her out of my mind. when I try to think of something else she pops back up. I decide I should text her I need to see her again. What should I say to her though? I end up writing this:

   To: Lexi

Hey, Cutie :) 

    "Jackson," I hear my mom's voice, " dinner!" She calls up the stairs.

    " I'm Coming!" I yell back. I walk down the stairs and smell something Italian. I walk in the kitchen to see spaghetti on the table. I sit down and start to eat. When I finish I pick up my plate and put it in the sink. "Thanks, mom" I say as I exit the room. My phone vibrates on the way up the stairs, I pull it out to see a text from Lexi.

   From: Lexi


I text her back saying:

   To: Lexi

We should hang out sometime!

 Then I lay in my bed and my thoughts drift back to every detail about Alexis Greene.


A/N Heyy, I just wanted to say thanks for reading and  if there's anyway you think I could improve or you have ideas for the story just tell me in the comments and I will read them! Thanks again!




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