Sudden Changes

After living in California for 20 years, Kelsey dicides that she needs to get away from her Mom, Dad and two younger sisters and her dreadful job at Starbucks!!
After months of trying to find a decent job out of California. Kelsey finally gets a great opportunity to work as a lawyer!! Will she keep her eyes on her new job or will a brown headed boy steal her heart?


1. My life in back and white

Kelsey's P.O.V.
"Ill take one mocha frappe and a blueberry muffin" I look up from the counter and say "Is that all for u today mam?" "Yes thank you" she replies "that will be $8.07" she hands me the money and walks off. It's almost 10 pm and its dead so I decide to lock up and head home. As I pull the key out of the door I hear my phone buzz it's from my best friend Abby we have been besties since 2nd grade she's the only one I can really tollerate in this town anymore I pull my phone out of my back pocket
From ABBEY: hey wanna come over I'm bored?!
I think about going home to my controlling parents and screaming little sisters and decide to go to Abbeys house.
To Abbey : yea on my way!
When I pull into abbeys drive way I grab my laptop from the passenger seat I open the front door and yell "Hi mrs and mr Eckhardt" "hi Kelsey" they yell back as I walk up the stairs to Abbeys room. Great she's fast asleep I sit at the end of her hand and open my computer I new email I open it up and Scream I cover my mouth with both of my hands forgetting that abbey is asleep I laugh at my self then look over to abbey "what the hell what's going on" she asks I read the email out loud.
"Dear, Kelsey Stephen
We excepted your application to work her as one of our main lawyers and your diploma graduating from St.Marys Kay school in California. We hope to see u here in New Jersey in two days."
I look back over to Abbey her mouth dropped all the way to the floor! I giggle a little "what do you think" I ask her she stay speech less for a while then says "I'm very happy for u but I don't want to lose you again like I did when you left for collage" she says I see tears form in her eyes " Abbey your stuck with me weather you like it or not I'm never gonna leave u it's just a short intermission" he hug watch a few movies then fall asleep.

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