Sudden Changes

After living in California for 20 years, Kelsey dicides that she needs to get away from her Mom, Dad and two younger sisters and her dreadful job at Starbucks!!
After months of trying to find a decent job out of California. Kelsey finally gets a great opportunity to work as a lawyer!! Will she keep her eyes on her new job or will a brown headed boy steal her heart?


6. My date

I slowly open my eyes and look at the time it's 1:34 "oh shit" I Literaly yell I jump out of bed and start to get ready I put on a blue Oakley shirt and jeans I spray my colone and go to Kelsey's room I knock lightly "come in she yells!" I open the door "hey" I say and walk twords her she's standing in the kitchen putting in earrings as I walk in she's wearing a short blue dress and a jean jacket with black high heals "how do I look?" She asks slamming her arms to her sides with a huge smile "stunning" I say with as big of a smile as I could put on but i was right she looked beautiful absulitly stunning I needed her and I had to get her! I would do what ever it takes I wanted to b with her for every second of my life…! I had to make that happen "so what are our plans?" She asks me I had thought about this date the whole night and I wanted it to be perfect! "Grab a swim suit and a change of clothes" I say she laughed grabbing my hand and pulling me to her room she pulls out a Vera bradly bag and throws a string bikini in the bag and a makeup bag she throws the bag over her sholder "lets go!" She says happily I grab her hand and walk twords the door we get into my range rover and drive away I grab her hand warm and soft as I imagined we head to the beach it's the beach we will b staying at with my boys but there not here so we've got it all to our selves! I grab my swim trunk from the back seat as she grabs her bag I step out of the car ok u have that side and I got this side!
I kneel down and tie my swim suit strings around the back of my neck and stand up straight and turn around liam does the same we link hands and walk to the beach my toes dig into the warm sand this was perfect we played in the water splashing each other for hours until the sun starts going down when it does we sit around the fire he grabs his guitar and starts singing "baby you've got me sick I don't know what I did need to take a break and figure it out yea… got your voice in my head saying lets just be friends can't believe those words came out of your mouth I'm trying to be ok yea I'm trying to be alright but seeing you with him just don't feel right…" he continued the song " wow that was amazing and so are you" I say and lean In he fills the awkward space at first the kiss was slow and boring but then it got more passionate I ran my finger through his hair and he put his hands on my hips we continued for a while the pulled away.
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