Sudden Changes

After living in California for 20 years, Kelsey dicides that she needs to get away from her Mom, Dad and two younger sisters and her dreadful job at Starbucks!!
After months of trying to find a decent job out of California. Kelsey finally gets a great opportunity to work as a lawyer!! Will she keep her eyes on her new job or will a brown headed boy steal her heart?


8. love is real


I look over at Liam "she can come right long story ill explain later" i ask 

he looks down then back up "anything for you babe" he says 

i stand up as high on my tip toes as i possibly can and kiss him 

well lets get going Liam says as he pulls away 

Abbey hits my elbow and looks at me confused. its not that i don't want her here because don't get me wrong i do i so do but just not now i wanted thing to get more serious with me and liam before islet her back into my life i really liked liam a lot and i could picture a strong future with him and abbey is my best friend and we promised nothing would come between our relationship so i had to do everything i could no not let her know how i feel. butttt.. if she can't see through me nobody can. "kelse..? hello?" liam says snaping me out of my deep thought.

"umm.. yea.. whats up?" i ask

"why don't you introduce us to your friend?" liam asks

"why don't you introduce us to your friend!" Niall asks

"oh right wow this everybody is my girlfriend kelsey" he says look at me throughout the rear view mirror i nod then look down trying to hide my blushing 

"and this is my best friend abbey" i say smiling at her 

When we get to the house we all go to our separate rooms bet me and abbey share a room 

when were all done unpacking we go to the living room "truth or dare?"Louis yells "sure"

"ok ill go first" louis says " harry i dare you to run around the block in nothing but your underwear!" 

Harry quickly strips of his clothes and runs around the block we all laugh until we are literally on the ground crying!!

then its Harrys turn i pictured harry as the more inaproperate one and pretty much everybody backed me up on my theory.

"i dare zayn to kiss abbey for fifteen seconds" oohhhs fill the room he leans over and they kiss for a good minuite and you could literally see the sparks flying the kind of sparks i hope people can see with me and liam when hey pull away they both have the biggest smiles on their faces i have ever seen he grabs her hand and they look back at us our chins basically droped to the ground! 

"I'm going to go get something to drink" Liam says i follow him to the ketchen 'are you sure you can't stay with me I'm gonna miss snuggling with you!" he says to me 

"yea I'm sure but  we need to get in as much time as possible during the day" he nods his head and sets his cup down and walks over to me "i think I'm falling in love with you" he says and pushes me up agents the countermand starts kissing me more passionately than i have ever been kissed before he lowers his hands down my hips and i run my fingers through his hair i hear the door swing open and i see Niall standing there "ugh you people are everywhere get a room!" liam starts laughing 

"wait what do you mean everywhere he signals twords the window and we walk over and move the curtain and there sits zayn and abbey feet in the pool and tounges filling each others mouths

'well.. thats nice" i say awkwardly


as abbey walks in i ask her "where have you been?"

"with zany he's great i think I'm falling in love i just knew chasing afar you was the right choise!' 

'well i am so glad you did!"

she smiles while she packed up her things 

"what are you doing?"

"oh zany asked me to stay in his room thats cool with you right?"

"yeah thats great have fun" i say she fake kisses my cheek and walks out with her huge luggage i smile and jump off my bed i zip up my bag and put it by the door slip on my pajamas and walk to liams room 

i knock lightly and walk in "GOOD NEWS"

"hey beautiful" liam says and kisses me 

"abbey is staying with zayn so i get to stay with you!!" i say pulling my bag out from behind the door>

"perfect" he says slamming me on his bed and slipping his hands up my shirt








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