Sudden Changes

After living in California for 20 years, Kelsey dicides that she needs to get away from her Mom, Dad and two younger sisters and her dreadful job at Starbucks!!
After months of trying to find a decent job out of California. Kelsey finally gets a great opportunity to work as a lawyer!! Will she keep her eyes on her new job or will a brown headed boy steal her heart?


3. Letting go

We talk about abbeys future and also mine and how long we would be apart. "Well can u drive me to the airport?" I ask trying to change the subject. "Sure" we grab all my bags and head outside to put the luggage in the trunk when I walk back inside to say my good byes I say goodbye to all of them and walk out trying to hold back my tears. When we get in the car my hand automatically goes for the radio "YES 1D" I shout trying to cheer abbey up. I sung as loud at I can nudging her arm every once in a while trying to get her to join in. But it's not until zayn starts singing that she joins in. This was usual no body could cheer her up like he could no matter how hard they tried! She looks genially happy for the first time today! We walk from her car in the middle of the huge parking lot with my huge luggage. "I made something for you" she says handing me a medium sized box. "Thanks" I say carefully placing the box in my backpack. "I got something for you to" I say. When we were going through my room I found our friendship bracelets under my bed in a small box we need them when I was in 3rd grade and she was in 2nd. I tye the bracelet around her wrist then put mine on. We promis each other to not take them off until the next time we see each other. "So I guess this is goodbye" she asks "no not at all! Ill see u as soon as possible!" I reassure her I give her a big hug them go through security as soon as I'm done I look back at her and shake my bracelet she sees me and does the same. I'm going to miss her so damn much!
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