Sudden Changes

After living in California for 20 years, Kelsey dicides that she needs to get away from her Mom, Dad and two younger sisters and her dreadful job at Starbucks!!
After months of trying to find a decent job out of California. Kelsey finally gets a great opportunity to work as a lawyer!! Will she keep her eyes on her new job or will a brown headed boy steal her heart?


4. Airplane ride

Looks like in the last one on the plane! I look down at my ticket B34 then I look back up I see a cute boy with straight brown hair and green eyes. He looks very fimilar but I can't tell where I've seen him before I see he can tell I'm stating at him so I quickly look up at the tag B 34 "excuse me sir" I say trying to scoot around him to get to my seat. "No problem" he says in a deep British accent. I sit down confused trying to figure out where I had seen him. Whatever it does not matter I tell myself I plug in my earphones then pull out the present abbey gave me. I Tear off the wrapping paper and see a small book with a picture of me an abbey on the cover I open it up and see all of our fond memories from summer camps to first jobs or getting our lisense then I turn the page to see a picture of me and abbey in our success maker class in 5th grade I start to laugh thinking about all the fun times we've had together and how nerdy we looked in our braces. I close the book not noticing that u was crying. "Are you ok there love?" The cute boy sitting next to me asks "never better" I say wiping my eyes. I look down at my phone I was playing a one direction song I look down then look back up at the British boy then back down "OH MY GOD YOUR LIAM PAYNE" I say practicly screaming "um yes I am" he says back "what are our doing to New Jersey?" I ask "oh just meeting up with the boys on our break we have a whole two months off!" He says sounding excited •• She was beauitful with her blonde hair and baby blue eyes. "And may I ask why your are going to New Jersey?" I ask her "oh Im going to be a lawyer there for a major company" she explains "Wow congrats" I say back after talking for a while she drifts asleep her hear fall onto my shoulder she's sound asleep she looks so cute asleep. This flight can not be the last time I see her! •• I sit my bed staring at my friendship bracelet. What am I gonna do now I ask myself. I pull my laptop out of its case and open it I search New Jersey on google and an add comes up "new jersey shore photography apply now" a job offer I think about it for a few minutes then come to a conclusion IM GOING TO NEW JERSEY!
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