He's just a boy, She's just a girl.

Can I make it any more obvious?

Randy is a normal girl, with blue eyes and blonde hair the length of a ruler. She's good at school, but lately Randy has been feeling down. When a new boy comes into her life, Randy suddenly realizes what she's missed.

One Direction One-Shot valentines fanfiction for the competition! Please give it a chance <3


1. I Want


Lately, Randy had been feeling down. She didn't know why, her life was just feeling unnaturally dull. Usually, she would hang out with her friends at the mall, trying on crazy clothes and taking selfies.

This had been happening for a year. Slowly, her besties stopped  talking to her, unfollowed Randy on IG and Twitter. She just wasn't as fun and boisterous as she usually was.

She walked to school, like any day, on February the 14th, a bag of home-made valentines tucked away in her purse alongside the textbooks and binders that she carried around everywhere.

When Randy got to school, she started to get nervous. Even in the hallway, right in the open, she could see couples making out. Randy even noticed her ex-best-friend, Delilah, kissing the hottest guy on the softball team. It was no fair. When Randy passed by the trash can, she threw out the bag of valentines, not even bothering to seal the baggie.

"You didn't even recycle them!" A voice said behind her, and Randy whipped her head around to see the second-hottest guy on the softball team, Liam something.

"S-sorry." She blushed, looking down at her navy blue converse, a pattern of light yellow and pink butterflies flying across the fabric. 

"I'm sorry- I didn't mean to upset you." He tipped Randy's chin up, patting the top of her head. His large, puppy dog eyes stared back up at Randy, and she couldn't help but smile.

"Okay." She adjusted her purse strap on her shoulder, the worn tan leather feeling consolingly soft on her calloused fingers. Randy rubbed her hands together, imagining that the chalk from her gymnastics tournament the day before was still stuck to them.

"See you later, then." He whipped his head around, noticing that Niall and Zayn (two other hunks on the softball team) were waving for him urgently. Randy ran away as swiftly as she could, not wanting to  take up any more of his time.

"B-bye." She whispered while dashing towards her locker, another blush showing on her already tomato-red face. (if that was even possible.) When she got to her locker, Randy unlocked it, and placed her bag in it. Right when she grabbed her science binder, and pulled her pencil and rubber from the bowels of her locker, the bell rang, waking her up from her embarassed-daze.

Randy sprinted to her classroom, which was on the other side of the school. When she got in, she sat in a random seat, ready to start class. 

And, it turned out, Liam whatever-his-last-name-was was sitting beside her.

"Randy Riordan. Late again." Her stinky old teacher almost yelled, dramatically crossing out the A on her record. "Now, I already gave most of you partners, except for Randy and Mr. Payne, who were late last class, too." Randy looked around, confused as to who Mr.Payne was.

"Hey, that's me." Liam said beside her, whispering only to Randy. This made her blush again.

Payne. What a nice name.


After school, Randy went back to her locker to get her stuff. She whipped around to find Delli (Or Delilah...) Standing behind her with her posse.

"Wow, I can't believe it. It's valentines day, and you're still dressed like a hobo." The mean girl looked Randy up and down.

Randy didn't think that she looked like a hobo. Today, she actually tried hard on her outfit. She was wearing a yellow skirt with navy polka-dots, and a strappy white tank top that had a tie in the corner. On top, she had a light blue varsity jacket, and on her legs, she had white thigh-highs, and of course her high-tops that she loved so much.

"Leave her alone!" Liam Payne stepped out of the blue and grabbed her shoulder, rubbing the top of her arm with his thumb reassuringly. The posse of girls cowered away, intimidated by his beauty. "It's not nice to be mean to people." The rest of his group appeared behind them, Niall making sure to close her locker nicely.

"Now, go on." Louis whispered into Liam's ear, making him blush slightly.

"Hey, Randy..." He said feebly, fiddling with the collar on his flannel shirt, "I know we only met... but I think that it's love." He changed around the song's lyrics slightly, bringing a tear to her eye. "Would you like to go on a valentine's date with me?" Liam pulled a valentine form his pocket, and when it was passed to Randy she realized that it was the valentine that she had addressed to him. (And thrown out that morning.)

"I'd love to." She started crying, and hugged him tightly. Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn started to whoop.

"Shaddup." The short-haired boy blushed, holding Randy in to his chest almost possessively, but not enough to make it weird.

"I think that it's love, too." She whispered only for him to hear.


That evening, Liam picked Randy up from her house at 5:00. Right when he saw her, he gasped at her beauty.

"You look.... gorgeous." He whispered sexily, hugging her.

"Thanks." She blushed.


Later, They arrived in the Nando's parking lot. Completely what Randy predicted. The two walked inside, ordering their chicken. Liam, a gentleman, sat her down, pulling out the chair for Randy.

"Thank you." She said. And they dug in.

After their meal, Liam and Randy went for a walk, their hands laced together lovingly.

"I really, really love you, you know." Liam turned towards her suddenly, taking her face in his hands.

Randy turned into a tomato, her mushy red skin shining in the late-evening sunset. Just kidding. She was still super embarrassed, though

"I- I have the same feelings for you." Randy whispered. And before she knew it, Liam pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss.


A/N I hope y'all like this! Sorry, I would have lengthened it but it's supposed to be a One Shot sooo..

But I hope that my grammar is good, and that everyone liked it (Same with the mods!) and I probably won't have a chance in the competition but anyway.


See 'ya!


~Cyla (Si-lah)

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