Aruna Marie Was Abused. She Was Bullied. But When Her Idol, Niall Horan, Waltzes Into Her Life, Everything Changes. She Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime. If Only she Could Let Go...


3. Should Have Kissed Her.

ARUNA'S P.O.V: I Groaned. Niall Kissed Demi Lavoto. Harry. "Harry, I Need Your Help, You See, I REALLY Like Niall, And Its Crazy, I Know. Ive Only Known Him For A Day, But Love at First Sight, Yah Know?' But Anyways, I Just Saw Him Kissing Demi. And I Want To Make Him Jealous. I Need A fake Boyfriend." I Said, Blushing. Harry Smiled. "Okay Love, Ive Got The Plan. BUT.. It Involves P.D.A." Harry Said. "Alright, Harold. This Is The Only TimeYour Allowed To Makeout With Me." I Said, Giggling. Niall Walked In And Waved. "Hey Nialler, I See Youve Met My new GirlyFriend.'' harry Said, Smiling. I Ruffled His Curls, And Kissed His Cheek. Niall Groaned. "Ew. No P.D.A." Lou Said As he Walked By The Room. "Screw You Lou." I Said, Throwing One Of Harry's Pillows At Him. "Any Day, Anytime." Lou said, Winking.

"Ar, Wanna Go For a Walk?" Harry Asked Me.

"Sure, Hazzberry." I Said, and I Kissed His Cheek.

Harry Grabbed My Hand And Pulled Me Outside.  The Warm London Air Hit Me.

"Harry. Piggyback Ride?" I Said, Giggling.

Harry Hopped Me Up Onto His Shoulders, I  Wrapped My Arms Around His Neck.

"HavingFun Up Their, Lovely?" Harry Asked.

"Mhhm." I Said, Giggling.

 Me And Harry Walked Through Several Stores, And The Paps Took MILLIONS Of Pictues. Niall Was SURE To See This.


Me And Hazza Returned Home Later, Only To See, Niall And Dei Hugging up On The Porch.

Harry Hopped Me Off Of His Shoulders And Began Tickling Me.

"NO. NO. HARRY. NO.  N-HEHEHEEHEHEHE." I Practicly Yelled.

Niall Turned His Head And Laughed.

"DONT HURT HER." Niall Yelled.

"Don't Worry, Ill Make It Up To Her." Harry Winked.

I Crashed My Lips To His. It Felt...Good. Like, Really Good.

Harry Kissed Me Back.

I Fell Into An Endless Pit Of Giggles. Silly Me.

Niall Looked Sad. Demi Kissed Him. "Cheer Up, Baby." She Said.


I Broke Free From Harry And Ran Inside.

I Grabbed All My Clothes That Dani Lent Me, and Moved Them Into My Own Room.

I Sat On The Bed And Let All The Tears Fall. After A Few Minutes, I Heard Yelling.

"NIALL YOU IDIOT."  Harry Yelled

"FUCK YOU HARRY." Niall Yelled.

Niall And Harry Burst Through The Door.

"Dont Listen To Him, Ar." Harry Whispered, And Walked Out The Door.

Niall Sat Down Next To Me On The Bed. I Looked At Him.. I Hope He Didnt Notice that I Had Been Crying.

"Why Didn't You Tell Me You Were Harry's?" Niall Asked.

"I- I- Im Not." I Said.

"What?" Niall Asked.

"Nevermind." I Said.

Niall Looked Up From Havin His Head In His Hands.

He Pulled Me Towards Him And Crashed His Lips Into Mine.

"Niall, Why..?" I asked.

"Listen, I haven't Known You Very Long. But I Feel Like I Need You.." Niall Said.

I Opened My Mouth To Speak, Bu Was Hushed By Niall's Lips.

I Kissed Him Back.

"Niall, Im Sorry."  i Whispered.

Niall Swung Me Around... I Kissed His Lips, Letting A Smile Kreep Onto His Lips.

Awfuly Friendly For someone i Just Met, Eh.?




ITS SO SHORT.... But Yeah. Sorry It Took So Long. Ill Try To Update Later Today.

Team Niall?

Team Harry?








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