Aruna Marie Was Abused. She Was Bullied. But When Her Idol, Niall Horan, Waltzes Into Her Life, Everything Changes. She Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime. If Only she Could Let Go...


8. Replacements.


 ~ A Week Later~


Its Been A Week Since The Fight. Sam's Letting Me Move In With Him, While We Work Everything Out. Sam, He Was My Bestfriend Before I Ran Away.  And today, i had to go back to Liam's To Get My clothes.

~Liam's Flat ~

I walked in the door to a frowning liam.


"Ari, Your Eye. And Where Have You Been?!" Liam Asked.

"nowhere for you to be concerened. Im just getting my stuff, im moving out." I said.

Liam Hesitated, Then Nodded.

I walked up the stairs to  Niall's Room. Stupid  Me,  keep my stuff in NIALLS Room.

I knocked. No answer. Harry Walked Passed.

"Ari, Just go in, and what happened to your eye?"

"Nothing. And Thanks." I said.

I opened the door, to reveal a panting  Niall, And A Topless girl.

"Oh i- uh.. Niall I need my stuff...." I said.

 The Girl Covered Herself and i blushed.

 I felt the tears grow again.

"Here, Ari.." Niall Said.

"My Name Is Aruna. Only My Friends And Family Call Me ari. Adress me correctly" I said, choking back tears.

Niall Looked Stunned.

"Ari- Aruna, I-" Niall Began.

The Girl Kissed Him.

"Its Okay Niall.' I said.

The Girl Giggled.

"Im Amy. Niall's Girlfriend." The Girl Said.

" Niall, Can I er, see you in the hall.." i asked. he nodded then joined me in the hall.

"Ari, Did I do that to your eye?" He Asked.

i nodded.

"Oh, Ari- I, I didnt mean it." He said.

" I Know, I just never expected it." i said.

Niall Nodded And Kissed Me.

"Niall i er, I-" I began.

I was confused.

Niall was confused.

and worst of all,

Sam was confused.

"Its Okay, Baby." Niall Said.

" Niall, Im Not Your Baby. You Didnt Trust Me, And That Isn't Okay. So Im Over you. I Just Came To Get My Stuff. Im Moving." I said.

Niall Began To Shed A Tear.

I turned and walked away.



So We are over.  Just like that. all the emotions  I had for her. 4 months. Everything, Bam, Gone. I Needed Her. She Was My Princess, My Baby. I guess Amy Was Just My Recovery, My  Ari Replacement.


I Logged on to twitter later that night and found Ari.


I Love You  So Glad You Said Yes Baby! xx"

A post said. i looked at the username.

@Samlovesspamxx" It Read.

 My baby...

Why Did I Let Her Go. A New Post popped up.

A picture of Sam And ari Kissing. NO. NOOO.


Just Why?


Ari's Point Of View:


 ~ Three Years Later~

I checked the mail "You Are Invited, To Liam payne And Danielle Peazers Wedding" LIAM WAS GETTING MARRIED?  MY BIG BROTHER!! :3333

I went inside, what if niall was there? What would happen?

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