Aruna Marie Was Abused. She Was Bullied. But When Her Idol, Niall Horan, Waltzes Into Her Life, Everything Changes. She Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime. If Only she Could Let Go...


9. How to save a life..~

NIALL'S P.O.V; I walked into the ceremony with my hand in amy's. Sure, Amy was hot, but that's not what I really want. I want someone with personality, Someone that's more importantly, Ari. Ari stood next to Danielle And Elle up at the bridesmaids table. Her Hair Was Tied Back In A Braid, Her dress Fit her tiny petite body perfectly.. What was I thinking? Amy. Amy you idiot. I looked over to amy, who of course had her tits squeezed up at another guy... Was she cheating on me? Niall? HER BOYFRIEND?

"AMY!" I shout whispered. She Smiled.

"Yes NialleyWilley?" She Said.

"Over. Go." I said.She ran out of the room, pacticly in tears. SHIT. Right on cue, Ari looked my way. she frowned. you okay? She mouthed.. What should i say? er.. Mouth? I shook my head no. "not until your mine again.." i wanted to say. truth is, its been three years and it hurts like hell even seeing her smile.. I wanted to protect her. even make her mrs.Horan one day. but, all of that was cut short by sam. Her BOYFRIEND. i was errupted from my thoughts to find Ari sitting on my lap.

"Niall? you havent been the same since i last saw you? whats wrong?" Ari asked.

"Nothing.. even though i swore to you we'd never fall apart.." i mumbled.

she frowned. and for a second, i forgot my surrondings. i forgot my best mate  had just gotten married, i forgot that a slut i hads  just broken up with was almost in tears at the back of the room. i was focusing on Ari. And JUST ari. She sighed.

" Niall, that was three years ago, things were moving to fast, and you didnt even believe me when i told you sam was a  friend..." Ari Said.

"But ill never be happy until youre at my side." i said.

 She frowned.

"Where's Sam?" i asked.

"He um- well... we werwe never dating.." she mumbled.

"oh.." i said, looking down the the floor....

"why does everything have to be so god damn awkward?" i asked.

" i don't honestly know..But i miss you.." she said

' you have no idea how much i miss you.." I said.

"Maybe We could retry our first date..." She said..



And, THAT, Lads And Lasses, Was All I Needed.






another first sate!!((:

But hold on.. this doesnt mean Naruna Is Back.. Or Does It?


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