Aruna Marie Was Abused. She Was Bullied. But When Her Idol, Niall Horan, Waltzes Into Her Life, Everything Changes. She Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime. If Only she Could Let Go...


11. Falling for you.


She had just told me she loved me, which was weird considering i wrote that letter before the wedding. Do i have feelings for her? the girl that i made the horrible mistake of not trusting? why didnt i trust her in the first place. She doesnt lie. I wasnt ready to give it another try. but that doesnt mean i wouldnt want too. Just we both need to Heal. Alot of healing was involved. I came home to a cleaning Ari. She was cleaning and I heard her softly singing. i didnt want to bother her, so i just listened:


" I miss the sound of your voice, i miss the rush of your skin, and i miss the still of the scilence as your breathe out, and i breathe in, so come and get high, loosen my lips fath and desire with a swig of your hips, just pull me down and Drown me in love." She sang.

I listened to her voice. She sounded as if she was ready to cry, her sniffles sounding painful. i wanted to reach out and hold her,It Hurt  knowing i cant. She cried softly.

"Niall." She Said.

I walked over to her.

"Yes Love?" I asked.

"i'm So Sorry." She said.

"for what?" I asked.

"This." She Crashed Her Lips To Mine.

"A, Im Sorry, But I can't do this." I said.

 " I know." She said, she began to walk out of the room. i grabbed her wrist, the sleeve f her shirt turning up, revealing scras on her wrist.

"You cut?" i gasped.

"Yeah." she said, running away.

i ran after her, only to find I was to late,  Her body spilling blood on the ground, and the car speeding away down the road.










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