Aruna Marie Was Abused. She Was Bullied. But When Her Idol, Niall Horan, Waltzes Into Her Life, Everything Changes. She Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime. If Only she Could Let Go...


2. Crushing..


 I Woke Up The Next Morning, to A Smiling Niall.

   "Hello Love." Niall Said Smiling.

"Good Morning... Uh.. Niall?"  Said, In My Stupid Sleepy Voice.

" yes Love, It's Nialler." Niall Replied.

I Smiled. I Leaned Over And Hugged Him.

"Thanks For Letting me Sleep In Here, Niall." I Said, Sweetly.

He WAS Cute, Yah Know.

He Smiled.

"Your Welcome ArBear." He Said.

No. Not That Name.

" I Uh, Gotta Go.." I Said, Rushing Out of The Room, letting The Tears Fall.

Niall Stood Up.

"Wait, Is It Smething i Said?" Niall Called After Me.

 Ran Downstais and Shut The Front Door Behind Me...

Now, Being Outside In The Cold In Shorts  Isn't Very.. Warm.

I Shivered As The Flashback Came Running Towards Me.

"You Know I Love You ArBear.." Josh Said.

"You Cheatd On Me... With My Bestfriend." i Said.

"But Can't We Look Past That, ArBear?" Josh Said.

 Just Turned And Walked Away.

I Never Forgave Him.

I Chcked The Time On My Watch. Four twenty Nine.

I Didn't Even Know My Way Back.

I Checked My Pocket For My Phone, Three Missed Calls.

Niall. Lou. Niall. Then A Text Came In.

"Where Are You, Bestfraand.?" Lou.

I decided Not To Answer. After All, They Just Felt Bad For me. Right?

I Found 3O Dollars In My Pocket.

 I Walked A Little Father Until I  Reached A Corner Store.

The Bell Rung As I  Walked Inside.

I Grabbed A Tea and A Blanket, And A Slice Of Pizza. Which all came to $9.23

I Heard The Door Ring.

"Have You Seen This Girl?" A Voice Said.

Shit. Niall.

"Nope, Sorry." The Lady Said Behind The  Counter.

I Smiled As He walked out.

I Pulled My  Hair Into A Ponytail As A Disguise.

 I checked out and found a comphy bench.

I Soon Fell Asleep.



"I Uh, Gotta Go." She Said. Her Voie Remained In My Head..

Where The Hell Was She?

I Had Just Checked The Local Gas Station.

Until I Came Upon A Bench, A Bench.

She was asleep on the bench, a cheap little blanket, and an ice tea. And An Empty Box.

I shook Her Awake.

"Niall? What Are You Doing Here?" She Said, Rubbing Her Eyes.

" Getting You." I Replied.

She Groaned As I Lifted Her Up. She Was so Little And Light.

I Swung Her Legs Around My Waist As She Burried Her head Into My Chest.

Is it Bad That i Like Her? Like, Really Like Her?

I Carried Her Home and She Turned To Me.

"Why Niall?" She said.

Because I Love You. I wanted To say.

"I Just Did." I said.

"Can I sleep with You Again Tonight?" She Said, Blushing.

"Anything Love." I said.

"Thanks. Your A Great Friend For Someone I Just met.." She Said.

 "Do You Have Something To Wear?" I Asked.

She Shook Her Head.

I Got Up And Tossed Her Some Sweatpants And a Baggy Sirt.Just Then, My Phone Rung.

"Hello?" I Said.

A Familiar Voice.

"DEMI! Hey Babe." I Said.

"Come Outside Baby." Demi Replied.

I Walked Outside And Demi Stood Their, Smiling.

"DEMI!!" I Picked Her Up And Swung her Around.

"Niall, Im sorry. Will You Please Give Me another Chance?" Demi Replied.

"Of Course babe." I Smiled And Kissed Her.

i Didnt Relize It, But i had Just Lost Any Chance Of Me And Aruna Being Together.





SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!!! Ive Been Busy, And Grounded... Heh. But Here it













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