My Angel

I hurt all over. The fall could have killed me but it didn't. I got lucky. This time. Is this what other angels had to go through to get their wings. I knew I had a mission. Teach someone to love. But I never thought it would hurt coming down to Earth but it sure did. I always thought there would be some kind of lift down. But it was a near death experience for me as I'm still moral until I do my mission and get my wings.

Just one thing to remember: Don't say 'I love you' or you'll become mortal forever.


1. Chapter 1

"Good bye mother", I said hugging her. She was crying tears of joy and she had told me all the stories about her mission and how she became an angel of earth. She also told me my mission would be about love. 

"Oh Peri I will miss you. Just promise me that you will do nothing that you aren't allowed to do", she cried, holding my face in her hands. I nodded vigorously. I wanted my wings so badly. There were legends going round that every one thousand years there would be one angel who would get special wings. 

She let me go so I could say good bye to father. I went over to father and he hugged me lightly. He kissed me on the cheek. He weren't an overly emotional angel. But I guess he had seen much more emotional scenes since he was one of the powers. A power was an angel who fought demons out of humans. 

"Make sure you keep your promise to your mother", he whispered in my ear. I nodded, mumbling a yes against his neck. I could almost hear him saying good in his head. My father was so easy to read.

"Bye mother and father. I'll see you soon", I waved them good bye as I walked across the picturesque clouds in our back garden. My mother and father were waving at me from the porch. I didn't have anything with me. Just me, myself and I. I walked to school. Don't be so surprised, us angels do have to go to school you know! It where we learn our specialties and their powers. My specialty is love, so of course my mission is going to be about love.

We go to Earth a lot so we can keep up on whats going on. So I know about all the bands, especially One Direction, apparently the girls on Earth are all over them. That's the rumor anyway. When we go to Earth, on a school trip, we get taught to drive and how all their money works and the latest trends so we fit in. Except from the fact that we are exceptionally beautiful compared to the humans. No lie at all. I'm not trying to sound vain here or anything. But its true. Even the humans believe it and they were the ones that made out that we were pure and stunning compared to them.

Once I made it to school, I headed the same way as all the other last years. My friends Gloria and Christen joined. Gloria was a earth angel, well becoming a earth angel hopefully, who had long plaited black hair, very pale skin and piercing blue eyes. Christen was almost opposite of her. He was a power and had spiky golden hair, tanned skin and deep brown eyes. I felt exposed next to them. They were so different whereas I was just normal. I had brown wavy hair that almost always looked back combed. My eyes were bright green like the color of leaves on a tree at the peak of spring time. My skin was a combination between tan and pale.

We kept heading towards the main hall where are portals were waiting for us. We each had our own portal as we all had different missions all in different parts of Earth. I went and found my portal. It was in the middle where Love was stationed and Ms Ojufemi came round and handed me a little brown shoulder bag. 

"Peri under any circumstances do not open this until you are on Earth. In this bag there are all the things you will need. Your mission is also inside of there. Peri your our best student here and your also the worse. You have great control over your powers but you must learn to not do stupid things with them!", finally she finished.

"I know Ms. My mother told me as long as I don't say I love you to anyone I'll be just fine. Is there anything else that I should know, Ms?", I asked.

"Peri do you remember the legends I told you about?", I nodded."There is rumor that this year the angel who falls and still gets special wings even though they do something wrong. Something that caused them to lose their normal wings. I'm not sure but I have a weird distant feeling..",I gave her a confused look and she stopped talking. Was she going to say that I was that special angel?That's crazy.

"May I have your attention please!", Mr Abbots voice rang above all of ours and made us stop our conversations at once. His eyes had watched over us since the day we started school, so we all respected him deeply. 

"Today is the beginning of your missions. You have all been training and learning all you can know just for this moment. So I want all of you to try your best whatever your mission. First I want us all to give a warm send off to our nature angels", we all turned to the earth angels who were standing by their portals in the far right hand corner. I waved at Gloria at mouthed 'good luck' at her. She turned and waved at Christen. She put her bag, which was made out of three leafs, vines and grass, and nervously stepped into her portal. It turned green and shrunk, twisting together until it was nothing.

"Next leaving our safety is the powers! Good luck to them!", he said. I waved at Christen and mouthed 'good luck' just as I did to Gloria. He waved back and slung his rucsak over his shoulder and almost charged into his portal, which turned red and disappeared into thin air. Next was another one of the virtues who were basically what the humans called elements and the other two virtues went. The thrones then went, principalities and then the messengers. 

"Good luck to you Love angels and off you go!", I took go as time to go even though everyone else waited until he had fully finished. I slung the brown material bag over my shoulder and ran into the portal. I felt nothing underneath me and looked down. A scream escaped my mouth. I was surrounded by clouds with a straight hole going down to earth. A scream escaped my mouth as I continued falling. It seemed like hours before I landed even when I knew it happened in a matter of seconds. I landed with a thud next to a tree in what looked like the middle of nowhere. I sat up against the tree and let out a groan. My foot was killing me. I looked at my foot. It was bleeding from a gash at the bottom of my foot. I groaned again.

Before I could do anything I got dressed. They had given me some nice fashionable clothes. I had already got underwear on. I pulled on the boy London top that had short sleeves and was cut off just below my bra. There were leather hot pants in there that I pulled on and wondered if they were trying to make me look stupid. I struggled to pull ob the long cream socks, then pulled on the high heeled boots they had given me and rolled my socks down. I found aviators and slid them on, I kept my brown bag. Did I mention that we were taught how to do make up? I saw that they had put make up in there. Black eyeliner, black and grey eye shadow and bright red lipstick.

I took my bag and began to walk through the woods. I could hear shouting coming from north and saw some smoke rising. I think someone was having a campfire. I walked towards it hoping it was party type of thing and that I wouldn't get noticed. I also noticed that as soon as I arrived people were staring at me both boys and girls but mainly boys. I once again noticed that some band was there, and that band happened to be One Direction. Surprising. I opened my bag and took the scroll that had my mission on out. I unraveled it and began to read it.

Dear Peri,

I wish you luck on your mission that is to teach the famous Harry Styles to love.

Good luck.

 Sincerely, Mr Abbot.

I was to teach Harry Styles to LOVE?

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