Is he here?

Harry Styles was all mine until one day. That tragic car crash ended it all... But he comes to visit me sometimes, at least I think he does?


7. Trailing off

NIALLS POV. Well instead of answering the door I answered the phone. It was Deborah. Deborah? Who the heck is Deborah? He was Harry's nurse. Harry's nurse? Why the heck did Harry need a nurse? I started to become interested. I asked my questions. Sadly they were answered with the response that u never wanted to hear. EVER.

Why hadn't he answered the FRIKKIN DOOR YET? I decided to look through the window again. He was on the phone. He hung up. He looked like he had just been shot. I didn't know what to do. I decided to take him out of his misery and knock louder. He answered telling me the news. I think he forgot about being angry and I forgot about being scared for a second. He asked me to leave. I GLADLY said yes.
I had to get my mind off of Harry's death. I had to. It sounded mean, I know , but I needed to stop thinking about him. I invited my friend Lailah to come over. She'd never met Niall so I decided not to tell her about any of this and just have a great sleepover. Until I heard a farmiliar voice at the door...
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