Is he here?

Harry Styles was all mine until one day. That tragic car crash ended it all... But he comes to visit me sometimes, at least I think he does?


5. If only I knew

Lucy's POV

I thought I had saw harry styles in the ambulance. No no no. Lucy this is not cool how could u still be thinking about him. Plus u have to go to Nialls in an hour. Nialls? I had totally forgotten about Nialls. I had already broken up with Harry so what would it matter? But I was still scared of Niall, and I think it was partly obvious that I still had feelings for Harry. I would go. Yup that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go. And with that I left.

Nialls POV

I hadn't gotten a call from Harry in a while. I wonder if he saw the texts?! I think he's mad. Probably. When he's mad, he can go up to almost weeks without talking to u. I figured he just wasn't in the mood. I am expecting Lucy. She better come. She calls it blackmailing. If its called blackmailing then lets just say im obviously good at it. I don't know why she didn't just tell Harry that she loves me. Im glad that's over with. He won't be mad. He's my best mate. Hell hopefully blame it on Lucy! A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts..
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