Is he here?

Harry Styles was all mine until one day. That tragic car crash ended it all... But he comes to visit me sometimes, at least I think he does?


11. Hope

NIALLS POV. There she was. Lucy. Only a few feet away. Looking as beautif as ever. I walked in the hospital room door and waited silently until I heard a small groan coming from underneath the pale white bed sheets. She was gorgeous even with cuts and bruises. Harry didnt know what he had before he lost it. And it was obviously his fault. I mean he was the one who died and left her. But I think just the way he is he would want me to have her. The beautiful girl laying in the hospital bed I wasn't going let go of. I wasn't going to lose her the way I had lost Harry. He was my best mate. Yeah I mIss him but he is out of my way enough so now I could have Lucy. Maybe if I'm lucky she won't remember anything and I could pretend to be Harry.! That's a great Idea now all we can do is hope. "Niall" I heard Lucy say. Oh god there goes my plan.
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