Is he here?

Harry Styles was all mine until one day. That tragic car crash ended it all... But he comes to visit me sometimes, at least I think he does?


3. Blackmail?

"love?" o no " yeah babe?" I replied. "what's up with these texts?" he asked. I didn't know why to say. I was mortified. " what texts?" I replied again dumbly. "Lucy, You know very well what texts I'm talking about!!" "he blackmailed me!!!" I said even more innocent, it's not like it wasn't true, he really was. We must have looked crazy in the middle of lurker park screaming at each other. Finally he mumbled " I should've known!" " what" I asked " should've known what?" "I KNEW YOU WERE CHEATING!" " no I'm not Harold!" "don't even, just get out of my face!" he screamed. I was almost scared To death. I could only whisper because I was sobbing my heart out into my hands. "I would never cheat on you. I love you haz!!" he didnt hear me. He just ran, ran away from me.

Hazza's POV

I ran. I was only like two feet away from her, but at least I ran. I was so mad! Who wouldn't be? Right? I don't know! All I know is that she cheated! But I wasnt mad at niall just Lucy! After a few minutes of total silence, I missed her. I missed her? How could I miss her? She cheated right? she said that niall blackmailed her.. But Niall? Niall? No! Not niall! Right? I kept thinking of her last words before I ran: "I would never cheat on you. I love you Haz!!!" her voice was still lingering in the air even after minutes. It wasn't true It couldn't be and it wasn't! I decided to go for a drive. Those always clear my mind.

But who knew that clearing my mind would be the last thought..
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