Is he here?

Harry Styles was all mine until one day. That tragic car crash ended it all... But he comes to visit me sometimes, at least I think he does?


1. Background check

I don't know how to explain it. I know you'll think I'm crazy. I'm not. He was there that Harry styles. I saw him with my own eyes! I swore I saw him. I did right? I think so. He told me not to tell anyone, especially the boys. But that's easy because we haven't talked since the fatel car crash. I remember it clear as his green eyes. I wish I could forget! But I can't, I just can't.

They're we we're. Me: Lucy, Him:Harry. Hand in hand we walked, totally in love! Nothing could've torn us apart. Until my phone buzzed. If I wouldn't of looked none of this would've happened! It was all my fault I wish I would've just kept my phone in my back pocket and left it there. But I looked.
New text from: Niall the leprechaun
Hey love, what's up?

I shouldn't have answered. I really shouldn't have..
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