Just A Celebritty Crush? ~A 1D Fanfic

Mikhayla Tomlinson the famous rapper is Louis Tomlinsons Twin sister. Yes I said twin. She has the same birthday and every thing. She is a world wide famous rapper. What happens when she was about to go on tour with One Direction. Will Louis keep her away from the boys? Or will Mikhayla find her way to one boys heart?


3. Don't ever!~Chapter 2



Mikhaylas POV


There was somebody in the kitchen

it was. . . . . . . . . .














Jason and Melenie! they were looking in my fridge!

'Ummmmmmmmmmm what are you doing?' i asked slowly

'OH MY GOSH MIKHAYLA DONT EVER DO THAT AGAIN!' melenie said while jason screamed

'Oh you think i was the one doing that! looking in someones fridge! and how did you get  in my house!' i said

'Umm we wanted some food cause jason doesn't hav eany so we came here through thw window!' melenie said

'what sgoing on in here?' louis said while walking in

'oh you know now much its just that my friends here broke into my house and wanted food' i said while walking out.


i heard a know at the door. i walked to th door and opened and i saw my boyfriend josh. (He kinda looks like josh hutcherson my he isnt)

'JOSH' i screamed while hugging him.



Louis POV

I think josh just came here. I mean i like josh and all but he just seems to, well....... um how do i put this, he is hiding something from all of us. But he has been very honest for the past two years so i do trust him. and mikhayla loves him soooo ya.

'Louis josh is here' mikhayla said while brining me to the living room.

'Hey josh' i said while hugging him

'Hey hows it been, i havent seen you in a while!' he asked

'Everythings good u?'

'Ya just came to visit my lovely girlfriend' he said while kissing mikhalas cheek.

'GIRLFRIEND?' i heard harry scream


Mikhaylas POV

I went on twitter and saw a tweet that didnt make me fell happy.

'@randomtwittername : @mikki_tommo , Josh should go kill him self, i mean  look at his face, his nose is messed up,  i mean i bet he is gay or something!! I DONT SHIP JICKHALYA!!!'

I started tearing up, josh is not gay, his nose is perfect. i ran to my room and straight to the bathroom, Im the one who doesnt deserve him. I thought


Harrys POV

I knew i shouldnt have yelled at louis. I made mikhayla run to her room and im pretty sure she started crying too. Ok now I feel like a monster.

'LOOK WHAT YOU DID' louis screamed in my face

'louis lo-' he cut me off with something ididnt want to hear from my best friend.

'NO YOU WILL NEVER SEE MY SISTER AGAIN, I DONT CARE IF WE ARE GOING ON A TOUR TOGETHER, I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DATE HER. only hug ok harry' he notuced i was starting to cry 'harry its just my sister is so sensitive if josh broke up with her she would lock herself in her room and cry until he either came back or she relized he wont. Josh is her everything and i love to see her happy, please just dont  do anything ok?' he said while pulling me in for a hug.

'Im sorry this is all my fault' i said while starting to cry. then i relized none of the other boys are here.

'where are the boys?' i asked

'up stairs. why dont you apologize to mikhayla?' he asked

'ya be right back' i said whle running up stairs

I ran up stairs to mikhaylas room and slowly opened the door to see mikhayla and niall playing x-box. why are they playing x-box?

'Ummm hello' i said not trying to inturup. but then i relized it wasnt mikhayla playing, it was her friend melenie. i saw mikhayla no where. then i heard the bathroom door open and out came mikhayla with dry tears down her cheeks.

'Oh baby. .. . . ." josh said while walking over to her and wraping her in a hug.

'Umm hi could i talk to mikhayla for a second?' i asked

everybody looked at me and walked out of the room leaving it to be just me and mikhayla.


Mikhaylas POV

It wasnt harrys fault i was crying, i was on twitter while harry was yelling and i saw multipal tweets tht said josh whould kill himself, so I ran to my room.

'Mikhayla im sorry i didnt mean to make you cry its jus-' i cut him off

'Harry it wasnt your fault' i said while hugging him.

'It wasnt?' he asked looking sorta confused.

'yes it wasnt, i just went on twitter and saw a tweet that said josh should kill him self and he is one of the most sensitive people i know s i knew how he would take the hate and i guess i couldnt see life with him in that state so i just ran to my room' i said while pulling away from the hug.

'Good im glad it want me to make you cry cause i was gonna cry when louis gave me the whole over-protective older brother thing' he said while we walked out of the room.


'GET OUT OF HERE MASON I HATE YOU!!!!!!! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU HEAR AGAIN OK? YOU GOT YOUR FU****G CANCE NOW WE ARE DONE, I HATE YOU!' i heard meleni scream. i ran down stairs to see mason holding a knife to melenies neck.

'mason go now' i heard louis say calmly before mason threw melenie to the ground and ran toword my basement.

I immeideitly ran after his taking a baseball bat with me just in case. i saw mason looking around.

'get out' i sadi while slowly walking towords him

'now why sould i, i just want my baby mel back' he said while waling towords me.

'GET OUT' I screamed

Just in those few five seconds, the boys came down and masom threw his knife at me. its cute my right thigh.

'DOTN EVER DO THAT AGAIN! YOU F*****G A$$ H**E' i heard louis scream as i suddenly blacked out.




Hope this chapter was ok! please comment and tell people about this!

~Mikki Mouse <3 

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